Dialogue of the day

Her: “What are you doing after work?”

Me: “Nothing really, just go home watch Titanic, and eat ice cream. You?”

Her: “Hahaha. I didn’t think you were that type of guy.”

Me: “What, a cookies and cream, ice cream kind of guy.”

Her: “No, a Titanic kind of guy.”

Me: “Yeah, I love Dicaprio movies.”

Her: “Yeah he’s hot.”

Me: “I guess if that’s your type.”

Her: “Whose type isn’t he?”

Me: “Me”

Her: “Well, duh. But you have to admit he’s handsome.”



Her: “What!”

Me: “Um nothing, just a line from the movie.”

Her: “Oh okay, well you enjoy.”

Me: “Yeah, thanks.”  Fuck I need a drink!



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