Interracial dating tips

  • Do not take a white girl to the club you know only black people go to. It’s going to look like you are showing off, and won’t end well. If she is extremely hot and all the brothers start gawking at her, the sisters there will fly off the handle.tumblr_na76twCteR1rj9qveo1_400
  • Do not say, “damn you got a nice ass for a white girl.” They don’t get down with that.


  • You could say, “that booty is looking good” to a black girl. Black girls love booty compliments. You can even say, “you got a lot of Nicki Minaj qualities.”


This section is on hair. I don’t care what you have be told before, adhere to what I am about to say with the utmost strictness.

  • Do not touch a black woman’s hair. I know fellas like to use the move where you run your hand over and behind a girl’s ear as if you’re tucking strands of hair back into place before you move in for a kiss. Don’t touch the do, period.


  • Do not bring up the weave word if you’re with a black woman. I don’t care if you are a master basket weaver. Don’t talk about it or she’ll let you know you’re out of line for sure.anigif_enhanced-18607-1434557314-19
  • If you decide to go on a beach date, do not try and push a black woman into the ocean thinking it’s cute. Get her hair wet and that’s your ass.


You’ve been warned about the hurr.

  • Don’t call a white girl ‘snow white’ or ‘snow bunny’ or snow anything. You’ll get dismissed like a chump.


  • Don’t be cute and say you would like some chocolate in any stupid drinks you can think of. If you are already having sex, then maybe, but I won’t. Think about how stupid “you ready to pour some chocolate over this White Russian” sounds.


  • Do let a white girl try some soul food. That shit is good. I don’t care who you are.


  • When in public places, trains, buses, etc. to hell with what people think. Show affection regardless. It’s going to be quite obvious to him/her that you only show affection in private. Fuck what people think.


  • White dudes if you are dating a black woman. Don’t try to be black. She didn’t decide to go out with you because you were black. Besides, you’ll look pretty damn stupid.


  • Brothers, the same goes for you. Just be yourself. She wanted some mocha in her latte.  Don’t say that shit though.


But seriously though

There is a huge argument still on going about this, but fellas she is a woman. Not black, not white, not whatever, she is a woman first. Treat her like one and you’ll be cool.

With all that said do not play into stereotypes, date the person.


Remember Keep an open mind and have many mix babies.



9 thoughts on “Interracial dating tips

  1. Don´t touch her hair-check
    Don´t bring up the word weave-check (this one got me giggling like a little girl)
    Don´t push her into the ocean-check

    Good, today is Satuday so “boogy night ” for me. Will apply or better said not apply those things. Wish me luck.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha, I just read this. You are giving sound advice. Apparently my parents got this right long ago and went on to take your last advice too. 😉


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