Interesting things about me.

Since we are getting to know each other in the blog world I figure I should share some things about me, all interesting of course.

1.) I am shallow and conceited. I like fly clothes and if I get a pimple, I’m not going out, I don’t care whose wedding it is.

2.) I don’t mind if you call me to let off some steam or whine a bit, but you only have five minutes to do it. After that I will seriously hang up the phone.

3.) Don’t talk to me while you’re eating. Have some respect for the person that prepared the food.

4.) Do not text me a book. I hate long fucking texts.

5.) The only reason I workout is so I can eat whatever the hell I want.

6.) Girls that ask what kind of car you drive disgust me. I ride a bicycle. I am selfish, but I care about the earth. Get with it chick.

7.) When someone spit on the street, I say, man, pick that shit up. Gross motherfucker.

8.) The only woman I truly care about is my mother.

9.) I am a mixed baby.

10.) I am an only child, raised by a single mother. My mother is the B-O-M-B. Atomic like.

11.) She used to watch General Hospital when I was growing up. So I secretly like it.

12.) A girl just dumped me. Mom said she sucked anyway. Agreed, kind of.

13.) Bitch rocked my confidence a bit, but I’ll be right.

14.) I don’t believe anyone is so important or above me that I must fabricate a lie to fit in. You don’t like me, you’re loss.

15.) I wanted to be a wine sommelier, but I ran into an alcoholism/drug phase.

16.) I would rather talk to old people than young people. Old people rock. Young people are… how could I put this nicely…naive.

17.) My favorite thing to do is surf. God I love the ocean.

18.) Do you know Avatar: The last Airbender (animation). Best show everrrrrr

19.) Nineteen is my favorite number.

Yip yip…

You mind sharing some things with me?

14 thoughts on “Interesting things about me.

    1. Growing up, my mom and I would sit and eat. No T.V, no distractions, just eat, talk and savor the meal. It was very important times for us. That’s just missing these days. People on their cell phones at the dinner table. WTF.

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      1. Yeah absolutely true. .it is a practice which I’m trying for a long time to apply on my dining table. maybe I have to be a bit strict to make it practiced


  1. Well, thanks for following me so that I could find you in return. I’m just reading through your blog and finding it refreshingly honest, funny and true. Great to connect, nice to find out a bit about you and look forward to reading more. Cheers!


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