Dare to be Bold

If you do not challenge yourself you are not living life to the fullest. You hear it all the time, people saying, “I live my life to the fullest,” yet, they have never left their comfort zone.

Now here is the truth of it, when you do not challenge yourself, daring to be bold, you are not only cheating yourself, you are cheating us, the world. Think about it, what innovations came about from sitting on the couch being lazy, the remote control, please. Think about what came about from people daring to be bold, and stretching limitations: You can get from New York to London in 8 hours or so.

The irony of it all is, with more innovations the bigger the comfort bubble becomes, so each generation must think bigger, go further, dig deeper, be even more extraordinary. Let your child be different, dare them to, they are the innovators, the leaders of tomorrow. Conformist are by nature followers, the geek in the corner playing with plants, chemicals, insects, that’s the person that will cure cancer.


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