Things you should do on sunday mornings

On Sunday’s you should:

Have a damn good cup of coffee.

Sip it slowly.

Sit there quietly and recollect on the past week, followed by setting goals for the up coming week.

Take a fantastic shower. I mean exfoliate your entire body, groom yourself properly.

Do all this while you are listening to those songs whose notes dance on your heart.

Call your parents: Tell em, “just wanted to say thanks, I love you.”

Sit there, in your robe, semi-damp (you really should air dry), read some blogs. Perhaps, some cooking blogs to give you some ideas for dinner.

Head out to brunch with friends if you have them, by yourself if you have to.

Order a Michelada because you’re fucking interesting, and the shit. And not cliche like a Mimosa.

Whoever you are sitting next to, say, “hey, how’s it going?”

Go with the flow after that.

*if you are a parent to young ones, enjoy the heck out of your kids. Hold them, hug em, smother the shit out of them. They grow up quickly, I’ve been told.

Inevitably, today, you will hear the term YOLO (you only live once), smile and say, no fucking shit. Have another Michelada.


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