Dear Daily Post

In an effort to waste more of my company’s money I have been spending some hours out of my day going through the daily prompts while at work. I am writing specifically about one such prompt: Teen Age Idol. I managed to get through most of the prompt’s responses while answering some calls here and there (If I missed your post, apologies, I did hot yoga this morning and the shit put me out of sorts, so I was a bit unorganized and forgot to take my Adderall). I thought the prompt was rather clever in aging your demographic. I can tell you that the range is wide. You have some as old as Moses and some teeny-boppers so young their teenage idols were Britney Spears (hey I’m not here to judge, well…).

I enjoyed most of the posts. A lot of people gave props and “RIP’s” to David Bowie, some gave shout outs to Madonna, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and so on. All good. One blogger even went on a little God rant. All good. Another blogger with kids wrote, “I’m a teenage Idol,” another thought Scully from X-files was hot. Shit I did too, so all good. One blogger said Toby Maguire. Whatever. All good. If some Buffalo Bills sports fan would have said O.J Simpson, I may have said, hey to each their own. All good.

But no one that I read mentioned Prince. Purple fucking rain Prince, Little Red Corvette fucking prince. When dove mother fucking cries Prince. Woosaa. Do you know how many 80’s babies were consummated to Prince? I don’t have exact figures but a lot okay. Do you know how many bases I got to with Prince in the background, inside the park homeruns, I tell you. They invented spermicide because of prince for Christ sake. And no one mentioned Prince Roger Nelson, the man that got people their first kiss “Under the Cherry Moon.”

But all good.

All good until someone had the audacity to mention Michael Bolton. Michael whowhathefuck Bolton. Michael Bolton over Prince. The world’s mad I tell you. Mad.

Michael Fucking Bolton




Image@the sleepingdogs.not

19 thoughts on “Dear Daily Post

      1. You wrote it! I never even had to read it until you wrote it!
        Time I spent thinking about Michael Bolton before your post? 0
        (Except when watching Office Space)


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