A really neat blog

I have recently received “A Really Neat Blog” award.


Akhila (lovely name by the way) at Words and Notion presented me with the award, as she believes that my blog is really neat, which it is.

I would like to thank Akhila for the award and believing my blog to be really neat, which it is. Thank you Akhila, I am glad we concur that my blog is really neat.

To accept this award there are some task I must complete. I have fulfilled most of them above already. But here they are for your reading pleasure:

1.Thank the nice person who nominated you and ping back.
2.Complete the task your nominator assigns.
3.Nominate several bloggers—up to seven, if you like!
4.Give them a challenge to complete, and share these rules.
5.Include the logo, above, in your acceptance post.

The challenge I must complete is to let the world know how I would react if a stranger was laughing at me continuously (I am to assume that the stranger laughing is not mad).

For the most part, I am an idiot and I do stupid things pretty much most of the day, so either someone is laughing at me or laughing with me. I generally do not care what people think about me so someone laughing at me does not bother me at all. I know it is not a sexy answer, but I am not in my 20’s or 30’s anymore, where I am insecure with who I am that someone pointing, staring or laughing at me will raise my pulse. I am sure if they share the joke I will be chuckling along. Well not chuckle, I don’t chuckle, more like giggling along. I hope that satisfy the challenge and I can go along continuing to receive my award.

As far as nominating several other bloggers, since it says “only if I like,” I am going to pass on that. Mainly because I am selfish and want to be only one of the few with the Really Neat Blog Award. We all can’t have neat blogs like mine.

However, I have a challenged and if completed, you are worthy of accepting the award from me.

Challenge: Terza Rima (three line rhyme)

A terza rima will look like so: aba bcb cdc and so on.
You do not have to complete the iambic pentameter, just aba is good.

If you would like to participate in the challenge, just go ahead and leave the rhyme in the comment section, and your blog would be transformed into a really neat blog. If not, hey, there is nothing wrong with being ordinary. Perhaps we can make a game of the rhymes and at the end put it all together.

Thank you Akhila!



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