My best selling novel: The curious case of Jack’s death

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: The Beginning (The Hole).
Chapter 2: The Middle (Three’s a Company)
Chapter 3: The Climax (Orgasm and Death)
Chapter 4: The End (Murdered Dirt Covers Death and Butt Cheek)


Chapter 1

The Hole

 I am watching her dig a hole as blood soak through the fabric on her left ass cheek. She has never handled a hoe before, and she looks utterly stupid murdering the earth.

“Anytime now.” I tell her.

“Fuck you! You want to do this.” She shoots me a look.

“Nah, I’m good.” I show her my mangled hand. “You killed him anyway.”

The earth, the brutal slaughter was full on now.

I lay back on the rolled up carpet in the bed of my pick up truck, took a mean drag from my now blood stained Camel filters, and emptied my lungs far out into the night.

“Hey, you’re crushing him.” Her voice sliced through the smoke.

“Crushing! He’s dead already.”

The earth. The massacre continued.


 Chapter 2

Three’s a Company

 (Three hours earlier)

Beads of sweat ran across my brow like rain on a windowpane. I arched my back, pushing my pelvic deep into her. Someone watching would think I was a tomcat in the midst of a seizure while stretching.

I fucked with quick-little-short strokes in her vagina. We were like a seesaw, and the further I went down into her, the higher she raised her ass off the bed into me—an epileptic tomcat meeting the resistance of trampoline hips. Between the sweat, the seizures, and the stupid noises that people make during sex, a bang came from outside the bedroom.

Drunk, waddling steps moved up the staircase, and I couldn’t tell anymore where my heartbeat began and where hers ended. It was one big throb. Followed by the most deafening silence I had ever experienced.

Everything a man feared while sleeping with a new woman was about to come true right in the midst of my seesaw ride.

I wiped my brow, the sweat from my face, the lust from my lips, and asked the only question my throat would allow. “Who the fuck is that?”

“What?” Her eyes still far away in a dream, the steps moving closer to my heart attack.

“That,” I whispered now. “Who the fuck is that?”

“Oh that’s Jack.” She grabbed at the now soft me.

“Oh that’s Jack, who the fuck is Jack?” She stroked me.

“Oh shut up and fuck me.” She flipped me onto my back and straddled me with the skill of a world champion jockey. She slipped the semi-soft-filled with fear-me into her wetness and grind me into a hard excitement of fear.


Chapter 3

Orgasm and Death

I can tell you that there is nothing more pure, more revealing, more truthful, than when a man comes face to face with a thought that has splintered most of his adult thoughts. Here I was face to face with that moment, with that thought: If I am to die having sex that’s fine, if I am to die after an orgasm even better.

In the moment of truth I wanted even better. I told my mind with all my might to remove the fear. Stay hard.




Cum please.


Please Cum.

Jogging Steps.

“Fuck me!”

“Yes baby, I’m fucking you

Running Steps.

“Shhh, don’t say anything, just fuck me.”

Sprinting Steps.

I grab her ass cheeks and pull her hard into me. Cum, cum, cum, cum…

The moment of ejaculation my head flopped towards the door of the bedroom. I was ready to meet my fate. Fate, a drooling, growling, Jack Russell, leapt on the bed and dug its canines into the ass of my jockey.

“Fuck Jack!” She yelled out, swept her leg back as if leg sweeping the air. Jack with ass cheek and pieces of my hand in his mouth went flying out the window.

Two stories down he met his fate.


Chapter 4

Murdered Dirt Covers Death and Butt Cheek

“You think that’s deep enough.”

“Yeah that will do.” I said. Thank god

I lifted Jack up in his rolled up coffin and gently placed him into the dug out earth. I took the hoe from her and asked, “Are you going to say any final words before I cover him?”

A little tear came into her eye, “Poor baby Jack. I’m so sorry. I hope my ass was good and worth it.” She said.

“It was.”

“Ewwe. Shut the fuck up.”

I placed the murdered dirt on a rolled up carpet holding a Jack Russell holding a piece of undigested ass cheek in his mouth.


The end

28 thoughts on “My best selling novel: The curious case of Jack’s death

  1. Hahaha you wrapped me in the scene so well with the your words it was exciting. I was cheering him on “cum cum cum” and I was almost nervous for him to catch his nut before something bad came in. Then finding out it was a damm dog! That is so life!! Gets in the way when you are trying to get shit done! I had to laugh that it was a dog. Although I love animals and don’t like to read about them dying this was done tastefully I thought. On the more technical side you accomplished a perfect short story here (I am no expert but I do read!) You caught me at the beginning and reeled me in. Your meat or middle kept me there right in the bed with them. Lol then you gave me a ending. Great read well put together. I loved that your story included humor in such a way that it is twisted and then unique!


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