Enjoy your friday

My friends I am off. Happy hour calls, and I am about to answer. I know some of you take the weekends off from blogging, so I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

All, enjoy your friends and family–your loved ones.

Do not be too hard with strangers. You never know what another person may be going through. Offer a smile. Smiles are like jumper cables, they can wake a person heart.

Read, share, write. Most importantly read and share my blog. The rest of the world should not be deprived of me 🙂

I have reblogged 5 blogs today. It is my attempted of sharing others work. I will continue to do so to connect us all. There is a lot of broken hearts and sadness here, so if this person wit and humor can dry that persons tears and uplift them just a bit. Then we are doing okay by blogging and sharing. Words are powerful like that.

Be kind and love, don’t hate. Hate only makes you look old, and there is not enough face cream in the world to remove hate wrinkles.

Cheers to you all.

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