Shit doesn’t add up

Most mornings, as most people do, I will lay in bed and read through all sorts of literary masterpieces on my phone until it slips out my hand and hit me in the face, or until I just can’t hold my pee anymore.

This morning I came across an article on where money from lotto goes. Look it is too early to link pages right now so you will just have to take my word on it. Or google it.

Do you know that about 29% of every $2 lottery ticket sold in America goes towards some sort of government funded program, with most states choosing to allocate the percentage of funds received to education.

That turned my fingers into Google spirit fingers, and I was off.

Some stats

  • The last Powerball Jackpot was about 1.5 billion.
  • In 2013 New York, with a population of 8.5 million, generated 3.2 Billion from the lottery.
  • America ranks 14th in the world as far as education (cognitive skills) goes.
  • South Korea is number 1. South Korea has a population of about 50.22 million.
  • Japan is number 2. Japan has a population of 127.3 million.
  • America spends about $4000 more per student than South Korea. South Korea Spends about $6700 per student.
  • America spends about $2000 more per student than Japan. Japan spends about $8300 per student.
  • America spends about $10,900 per student.
  • New York spends about $19,000 per student.

I’m thinking that books must cost more in America, especially in New York.Then again, I had a New York education so what do I know about thinking.

Please take the time if you would like to do more research, there are some interesting correlations.

But with all the money America spends on education why do you think we are behind. Keep this other stat in note, America spends $2800 more on students than the other economically develop countries.


Sources: What else? The all seeing, all knowing Google. Duh.






3 thoughts on “Shit doesn’t add up

  1. Wow facts I did not know! Interesting indeed we spend all that and our youth are still undereducated by whatever or whoever’s standards (I agree with them) I have often wondered when California started the lottery we voted it in to help education (so we thought) at first there were commercials saying this is your lottery money at work in our schools. Hummm….

    Makes me wonder why they don’t even supply pencils for kids! The amount of $ I had to spend each year for school supplies is sick! Shit not even a few box of Crayola’s for kids to share available! Wow, where is all that lottery $ going? Hummm..


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