My wishes for you

I wish for you:

A day filled with greetings from those who care for you.

A life filled with new beginnings, new adventures and clean white pages begging for stories to be laid down upon them.

The best of luck as you explore the world and search for the place that you want to call home

Daily inspiration for your writing and support from this blogging community.

The time and courage to keep chipping away at that wall of bricks to see what is waiting on the other side.

Many moments of peace – where everything in your world is just as it should be.

Many moment of passion – where you can clearly see how everything in your world should be and you are determined to make it so.

Many moments of surprise – where the universe catches you off guard and makes you laugh until your stomach hurts and joyful tears stream down your face.

More moments of surprise – where you can do nothing but sit back, watch, listen and wonder at what is unfolding in front of you.

A life filled with long, rambling conversations with people who nourish your soul and challenge your outlook.

To spend time with someone or many people who cherish your beautifully scarred heart and handle it with care.

The ability to look back without pain or regret – but only  to see how far you have come.

Many bridges to cross – brick ones, wooden ones, rope ones, solid ones, shaky ones, stone ones, wide ones, narrow ones – all leading you to firmly “first foot” on the other side.

That your blood sings and your feet dance and your heart beats and your eyes flash with joy many times over

I wish for one day you wake, and realize that you are living your dream.

Overall, I wish for you to feel love, be love, and give love.

All of these things and much more, I wish for you.

20 thoughts on “My wishes for you

      1. Thank you. I was telling another blogger today how my friend and I love the word stumble. Seems like sometimes we stumble into things… 🙂 Glad to have stumbled across your blog!


      2. I am glad too that our paths has cross. So now we can learn from one another. I am not so sure that the people, text, words you come across are so accidental, I think sometimes certain things were just meant to bump into each other. It’s life you know, this bumped into that, and BOOM…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Exactly. No accidents! Kind of funny, because I’ve been sort of sitting on a story I’ve wanted to write about for awhile and have had a bit of writer’s block about it. The block is lifting… 🙂


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