An emotional day.

Today is an emotional day for me, so I will not be doing much blogging at all, if any. Today, 3 years ago my best friend of over 30 years took her life. She would have also turn 42 today.

I cannot remember a day in my life that we were not in contact with each other since we met. We were in Junior High School together, High School together. We even went to university together. I also cannot remember a day since she left us that I have not thought about her.

I miss her dearly, but there are times I am so pissed at her that I want to bulldozed her tombstone. I just wished I knew what plagued her so bad that it pushed her to the brink.

But I know that I have to deal with her gone. Remember the good times, the laughter. She had an amazing laugh, and one sick sense of humor. We fitted perfectly.

Today, I will go to her grave. We will share a bottle of wine. I will read to her some pages from “Lolita,” her favorite. And we will just talk about the going ons of the world. I may even tell her about my blog and some of you guys.

I will be back in touch with you guys tomorrow. Enjoy your day, and take nothing you have for granted.

47 thoughts on “An emotional day.

  1. You don’t know me well yet. I am new to this blogsphere. But, when I say I understand I really do. My best friend is gone too and his birthday is Jan 20th in just 2 days. That is when I don’t have such a good day. I try and chin up but I never can. He was brutally murdered and it was horrible to hear the details of how he died. No, it wasn’t his fault but I still get mad at him for hanging with the wrong crowd! He is still with me though. Sometimes I will have the oddest things happen and my heart just knows its him. We went to jr high and high school together and both married and had kids and our kids still talk and they have kids of their own. I was maid of honor at his wedding. So many holiday memories with him and he is not there anymore during any holiday. I hold on to the memories too! No matter how they died it hurts they are gone. We miss them and we all deal with loss in our own ways. I choose also to embrace his life and his memories. It is just hard no other way to describe it. We will never stop morning for them. They were our BEST friends how could we? Blessed be…..Annette

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  2. Hey I really feel for you. I know how it feels to lose someone you love. I hope you find some peace in the memories you have, cherish them but don’t let them hold you back from happiness.


    1. It is true, it really is mental trauma to have a person in your life for so long, then one day they are just not there anymore, and they never will be there again in the physical. So it is tough. Thank you for your thoughts.


    1. I am so sorry Carl. I am asking to please do not give up on her. I do not know the circumstances of it all. I can only imagine how difficult it must be but please do not give up on your child.


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