First Impressions Aren’t Important

Truth being spoken right here. Read up.

Rosie Culture

You’re going on a job interview, a first date, or meeting the parents. And you’re supposed to make a good first impression. Because first impressions are important – that’s what they say.

But I don’t think first impressions are important at all, because I mostly see them as a nice little white lie. All a first impression is showing me is how you sugar coat yourself, the things you hide and the things you show in order to make me like you.

You wrap yourself up with pretty paper and tidy bow to fool someone into think you’re someone you’re not. That you’re organized, or charitable and nice, or responsible and worthy. Your first impression is just you trying to be someone else.

And what is that worth if you can’t live up to it? If you get the job and aren’t “used to working in fast paced environments”like…

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7 thoughts on “First Impressions Aren’t Important

  1. Not to sure about this, I don´t want to meet a woman in her pijamas and without make up for a first date or just introducing me to someone as their friend that hasn´t bathed and is all disheveled…..same goes for guys too.. Like it or not we do judge people first from the outside and first impressions, later on when we get to know them better if we want to that is, we will accept those people as they truly are or not accept them. But first impressions is build in human nature, just no way getting around it.You will judge, and judging is nothing wrong. If you don´t judge by insulting or saying something bad to the other person. You either shut up or say it in a nice way, sort of a form of constructive criticism if you know the person well enough that you feel you can say so.
    Just my thought on it.


      1. We´re on the same page, I like too hearing the other side of arguments, and sometimes they do make me stop and think that I´m actually wrong and should re-evaluate my thought process. That is if the person is not going on a rant against me, wich is unproductive.

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      2. It, however, does not mean the post was off, there are some truth in the post. I found it rather interesting and thought the writer hit the nail on the head with some points. No no rants at all, they are not welcome.


  2. For me first impressions are important but they’re not everything. It’s time that tells me if a person or situation is worth the effort. Time to strip back the layers to see the whole truth and time to really get to know someone. I definitely wouldn’t discount first impressions and trusting our intuition.


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