A list of things I want and do not want from a woman

First and foremost she must be in tune with her sexuality. She must embrace her carnal desires. She must be an animal in bed. In short I do not want a prude.

She must be independent. This means different things to other people. For me, she must have her own shit going on. Her career, her friends, her hobbies, should not be placed on the back burner for me. I am an adult, I don’t need you around me twenty four-seven.

I do not want a clingy suffocating person around me. Only a weak insecure man engages with such a woman.

I do not want a traditional woman. I really could careless about gender roles. If you can change your own car tires, oil, more power to you. If you can fix the fosset great, I don’t know shit about plumbing.

I also don’t need you to cook for me. Most likely I am a better cook than you anyway, so best stay out of my kitchen.

Our relationship will not revolve around television programming, you have your own shows you watch that is great, don’t involve me. I lost years to that stupid fucking show “Lost” already.

I don’t go to the movies. You can do that with your friends.

I need you to be ambitious and have goals that you want to achieve.

I need you to be adventurous and willing to get out of your comfort zone

I am willing to support you with your goals, but you must be willing to help yourself.

I do not mind if you are broken. We are all broken, but I need you to strive to be as whole as possible.

If you smoke a dube, pot, whatever, that is cool, but do not push it on me. I spent half a decade addicted to cocaine. Leave me out of your drug habits.

Leave me out of your religion.

Keep your crazy sister away from me.

I’m not loaning your brother money without something in return.

I can spot negativity a galaxy away. Keep that shit away from me.

If I wanted kids I would have had them already, I’m 43, I don’t want them now. If you have them that’s cool, as long as they don’t eat their buggers we will get along fine.

Do not come between my mother and I, you will lose.

Overall the goal of us being together is to challenge and better one another. So if you are feisty bring it on. It makes for great love making.

40 thoughts on “A list of things I want and do not want from a woman

  1. I am so put off by clingy people, I hate texting all day every day. There is nothing to talk about! I also can’t stand the negativity, even when I was not in the best place in my life I strived for positivity. People that always focus on the negative are exhausting. This is a good list haha good that you know what you want!


    1. I really could never get along with a negative person, I try to avoid them like the plague. I also could never get along with a person that do not understand the need for personal time or respect for when someone is busy. What are you doing? I am at work, what the fuck do you think people do at work. Shit bugs the hell out of me.

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  2. I’m loving this list and it is not exhaustive. I might add to it if I may….this relates to the first point on your list – she should be able to voice her desires and wants and discuss these openly with me.

    Changing a tyre is a must, as is the oil. Plumbing jobs are a killer and I know because I once spent a day unblocking shit from a drain.


      1. I remove my hair from the plug hole/faucet thing…the drain was blocked with fat. It had hardened and was bubbling back up inside the house. I showered using the hosepipe on that particular day.


      2. You know that and I know that but I wasn’t present when it happened….youngest son put coconut oil down there and thought it would run smoothly. 6 hours with my arm in shit was a sure fire way to ensure he never did it again. When that blockage was released…….boom


      3. There’s that awful moment when you realise……that the plunger is too short to reach the blockage. The blockage that contains half a roll of loo paper. It’s ok though, mum has long fingers and she can reach down deep with her plunger…..and then diet for the rest of the day.


  3. Great list, I’m getting a clear picture of who you are. And I’m with you on many things. No one likes clinginess or negativity, it’s the ultimate turn off in any relationship.


    1. I think it is more women than men that tend to have problems with the clinginess of their male partner. Me personally, I just don’t deal with it, but negativity, it affects us all.


  4. I’ll disagree with you on this one. It depends on the individual and the dynamics of the relationship. A lack of communication can make an otherwise confident individual, insecure. It is often the situation and not the person. Never clear cut.


    1. So you all that aside. Would you say that women are more clingy than men, or vice versa. As I think that men tends to be more clingy with the women they are with, especially if its a very attractive woman they are with.

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      1. Very observant. I don’t know. I don’t do clingy because I’m too independent and more likely to push someone away. I guess it depends on many things; attitude, circumstance, age, experience, communication or lack thereof….an endless list.


      2. You need to remember one important point here….it is subjective. In order for you to ask the question….you must first define, ‘clingy.’


  5. There is truth in that. If you look at most successful men. Who stands besides them, a strong woman. I don’t think strong woman will waste their time with a weak man. They won’t click.


  6. I have to say that I disagree. I too had a long list of needs and wants. Guess what, I fell in love with the complete opposite and realised that we are all imperfect people. If we all go around with a long list of what we look for, we will never find somebody. It’s more about the heart condition. When I say heart condition I mean is the person kind, compromising, forgiving etc. Relationships are give and take. If you immediately go into it with that list, are you prepared to be confronted with girls who have their own lists? Where in this world will you find 2 lists that completely match?


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