I tell you that I am dying,
That with each tick of the clock
Murder is committed against my heart.
I tell you that when the heart breaks
The sonic pop sends vibrations
That splinters the rib.
My lungs have been breached
And I gasp for you.
I want to disturb your inner peace,
And wage a sexual war
Deep within you.

50 thoughts on “Lust

      1. There is no retiring from this, it is in your blood. A warrior of this type cannot just lay down their tools and strip themselves of their tattoos. This is everlasting. So ready the calvalry

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      2. Heaven above. If I can eradicate the paralysis from the DOMS and breathe life into my ass and legs, I’ll be grabbing my axe and heading out.


      3. Aha, ‘those’ colds, as in ‘man flue? My keyboard is playing up, so the f’s don’t appear at the start of a word…at least not always. Butternut squash and bacon?


      4. Something will a little more spice? I can do fiery… what the fuck? I can do fuck but just not fiery or fire or flue. FFS.


      5. If I am in a really good mood, I’ll pop it in the simmering oven for 7 hours. Mmmmm dreamy. With love…indeed. I’ll just go and find a chicken, do the thing to make it not alive and then remove it’s feathers n stuff. Shouldn’t take me long, there’s some behind the house.


      6. Domestic engineer? Is that a cleaner? Oh ha. Chainsaw, sharp, fast machine thing for cutting trees? I was sharpening my chain and servicing it, ready for putting it back into use.


      1. But I liked just that one! Unexpected but original? It probably depends on delivery. Deliver it sounding too cocky will get you nowhere. Though some women might like it rough. But hey with a genuine smile and gaze at the eyes – oh you’re in! Just saying!


      2. Yes, I usually go with a smile, eye contact, like a dreamy blur look, and light humor as far as conversation goes. It usually works. And absolutely being genuine goes a long long way. Women can pick up bullshit forever away.

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