40 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Sick myself and snowed in…tried every remedy….consumed about a pound of honey – straight up and in tea, juiced a lemon added 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (including the mother) and a dash of cayenne pepper – drank it to clear sinuses….vaporizing with tea tree oil added….hot baths….drinking lots of water, saline nasal spray, vicks vaporub, Riiiiiiiiiiiicoooolaaaaaaaaaaaa!, lots of chicken soup, nyquil by night, dayquil by day, 3 days and counting….so much for getting things done in the house while I’m sick…hope you feel better soon!!!!!


    1. Thank you C. You are sweet. I have been doing the NyQuil thing but it doesn’t mix well with wine. Tea has been great though. It has really help with my voice. It is days like this I wish I had a wife. It is why you get married right

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      1. LOL – watch the wine – it’s dehydrating which can aggravate the rest of your symptoms…even I, Sister Mary Chardonnay, am taking it easy on the wine! and no, I got married to ensure my driveway gets shoveled when Snowzilla comes to call, LOL

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      2. yes, the driveway is cleared 😀 however with regard to my previous advice I’ve been frustrated by everything I’ve tried to do to be productive today so I’m reverting to the wine and the blog….CHEERS!


      3. I personally believe you can never go wrong with wine.

        Tired. Wine. Sick. Wine. Broken hearted wine. Snowed in wine. Writers block. Wine. Creatively stumped. Wine. Hey honey can you clear out the garage. He says later for the 10th time. Wine.

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      4. I’m back to this thread b/c this has been on my mind….two things actually #1 I’m going to see my dr. on Monday and since I’m combining this “coughing to the point of peeing my pants” thing with my 6 month check up to make sure I’m not getting old too quickly, I went to have blood drawn for a lab workup. After that I stopped at CVS for more Ricolaaaaaaaaa but decided they’re far too expensive and don’t exactly suppress this coughing I’m doing, surely I can make my own, but that’s another story for another day, I was also looking for the old Vicks VapoRub and had to really search for it in CVS…it’s not right out there next to all the NyQuil’s and Tylenol’s and Mucinex’s and the like and guess what – the big jar of VapoRub – oMG, this is even better than in the store – I just checked the price online to make sure I wasn’t pissing in the wind here and telling you that the larger jar of the stuff was over $11 but I just found it online for fucking sixteen fucking dollars….and do you want to know what’s in it? Thought so, here ya go: Active Ingredients: Camphor (4%), Eucalyptus Oil (1.2%), Menthol (2.6%). Inactive Ingredients: Cedarleaf Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Special Petrolatum, Thymol, Turpentine Oil.
        No, you do not need to visit the eye doctor – our parents were rubbing our chests with goo containing turpentine oil and I’ve continued to do so to myself all these years….no more. Sixteen fucking dollars for six ounces of vaseline with a little essential oil and some turpentine…did my grandfather make this in his garage? come on….$16????? I’m back to drinking can you tell?????


      5. You have a busy mind when you drink. I am sorry you have had your cough for so long. Yes I agree you should go and see the doc. You may need antibiotics. As for vapor rub. I use it to sniff on when I have a cold to clear me up. I guess that is bad. 16 dollars is a fucking lot though.

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    1. Thank you K. Vitamin c has been helping with giving me a bit of energy. I think I mentally screwed myself I was talking to a guy on Thursday and he was sick and in my head I said this fuck is going to get me sick and the prophecy came true. Grrr

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    1. Thank you my dear. That does sound really good. I feel as if I am getting better as in I am not feeling all stuffed up anymore and I can talk. So a couple more days then I should be right as right.

      How are you. Have you sorted yourself with Amazon yet.

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      1. I am very glad to hear it. Make sure you take good care of yourself. I have passed the concerns onto the publisher, luckily I don’t have to deal with the buggers at Amazon myself!


      2. It is a good thing this motherly word. It means caring and warm and kind and loving and sexy and a hope heaps of other stuff I can make up but I am still in my first cup of coffee so brain not working that great yet.


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