A piece on change


At some point you must review the notches on your time line.
You must realize that everything you have done so far is not permanent.
That all you have written thus far in your pages of history can be erased.
That all you have done is not interwoven within the intervals of time permanently.

The hands of the clock does not record without the ability to edit.

You must realize that it is possible to backspace.

You must backspace and revise your life, redefine your life.
Eventually, rewrite your life to where in the end you are humble,
Rewrite your life to where you are a good parent.
Rewrite your life to where your goals are firmly in front of you.
Rewrite your goals to where they are almost unattainable.
Rewrite your life with the knowledge and growth gained in trying to achieve such goals.

And truly, if your entire life just sucks,
Highlight the entire document and hit delete.
Do not be too analytical and murder yourself. Just start anew.

Rewrite your life with the knowledge of your mistakes.
Your mistakes are your how to guide of how to rewrite your life.
Rewrite your life to where the end, you have a manuscript that is a masterpiece.
A piece that you can proudly title:

When you change your present for the benefit of your future, the perception of your past also changes. Nothing is permanent.

4 thoughts on “A piece on change

    1. It is no worries Tosha, although I am near perfect, I constantly remind myself I can change this or that, or better this or that. I think they call it reinvention, sort of. But it all must be for the better of who you are, without harming others obviously.

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  1. Yes. I agree so much with this – a great quote I love is ‘there is nothing permanent except change’. Everyday we have another chance to re-write our life. What an inspiring and positive post. Thanks for sharing.


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