at the bar

I am looking at you down a sheet of oak

Some smart guy good with his hands

fashioned it into a bar

there is a pool forming at the base of my drink

it’s condensation

the drink is cold.

Too cold for scotch I think

but it’s blended so no matter

Mix things are good

can we fuck

lets mix with oak and booze and sex

am I too blunt. I’m sorry.

What is your name

no matter I will forget it tomorrow

its like that with these drinks

bar guy I will need another

a double

the girl at the end of the bar is starting

to look normal again


19 thoughts on “at the bar

      1. laughter is always good. I think they say laughter and salt water cures all, may I add wine to that. I am doing much better, so yes, things are good. Happy day to you as well. I like the phrasing of that: Happy day to you.

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      1. Who, them or us? Ha, ha. No seriously they were fine, they’re good kids. And my daughter is nearly 18 and has a sensible head on her shoulders. It was a good test for them.


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