Nose Art.

I am not one bit impressed by you.
And I think your look is made up
Manufactured from a magazine.
Do you even need glasses?
Do you even know who you are?
I tell you I think you are too old
To not be self aware.
Your friends are fraudulent, too.
You reinforce and perpetuate
One another bullshit.
Who speaks like that?
And talk about art and lines so early
Over coffee?

The snow is dirty now in the city
Because dogs and people have pissed on it,
It symbolizes nothing!
It does not have a pre-Berlin-Wall feel.
The sun has just not been hot enough
To melt it away.  It’s not art.
It’s just dirty fucking snow.
This napkin I am handing you is art:

Nose ring

i think your nose ring looks like a diamond pimple,

a sparkled growth of some kind.

the nose does not need decorating,

it is fine to serve a singular thing:


it is why I can smell your bullshit,

i have no obstruction to my olfactories.

You may use this napkin

to wipe away the nonsensical crap

stuck at the corners of your mouth.

9 thoughts on “Nose Art.

  1. I can picture you sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and people watching. Interesting piece. Intrigued by your second line? Aren’t all looks, made up?


    1. Yes the idea of looks is made up. Style, etc. But I hate a fraudulent mofo that will change their style to fit into a particular group, take hipster for example. Not because you move to williamsburg it doesn’t mean you have to change your look to fit in. I respect a person that’s just who they are no matter where they are. I find that person strong and attractive. if any of that makes sense.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That makes perfect sense. I’m reminded of many conversations that have taken place over the years. ‘Why did you get tattoos, are you sick?’ ‘Why would you get tattoos when you live in a nice house?’ ‘You certainly have your own kind of fashion, sort of eccentric, a bit of my granny, mixed with a street hobo.’ I could go on.. I usually have a witty response but seriously.


      2. ooo. I like tattoos. I don’t know about the street hobo thing. but if that’s a person thing, then more power to them 🙂
        I have a friend that dresses like a damn bag woman, but hey you know what, she always have something to eat in those bags, chocolate, apple, bananas, granola bars. Always comes in handy.

        Liked by 1 person

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