When does a woman decide she is going to sleep with a guy?

I am going out tonight. Going to have drinks with a couple buds and catch up on bullshit. That’s the plan. During that plan a thought swarmed over me: I said to myself, I am getting laid tonight. Short of calling an ex, I have made up my mind that I am going to pick someone up. I may have to suffer through some mind numbing conversations, but I have the goal in hand, and don’t plan to waiver. I guess I am asking, when have the woman decided, “yeah I am going to fuck him.” Because truly I may at some point have to tune out from the conversation. My focus is not so on point lately that I can seem attentive for so long. I, however, do not want my lack of attention to ruin my screw. So let me know, when I can seize to give a shit about what someone is saying, and it not fuck up my chance of a bang.

as always I value any and everyone input, there are some answers that are stupid as shit, but hey, they are not totally wrong.

40 thoughts on “When does a woman decide she is going to sleep with a guy?

  1. They decide they’re going to get laid before they go out lol they decide who specifically probably more towards the end of the night, the beginning they’re talking to everyone and by a later time they will zero in on who they want, so I would say put in all your effort later on in the night. Hopefully that helps? lol


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  2. Personally I would rather someone be direct with me. I don’t like mindless conversation or feeling like my time is being wasted. If someone wants something, they should say it rather than tiptoeing around or making small talk.

    I have found that I am not like most girls though, so I don’t know if my two cents should really count.

    I hope your evening goes well.

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    1. I too, do like the direct approach. I think it saves a lot of time. You are different though, as most women, i’ve came across do not like it so much. It works for me when the woman finds me extremely attractive, as I am her type. Then I can kind of say whatever and not get slapped on the face. the ass slap I don’t mind so much.

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  3. Haha, I don’t know. I was never one to hook-up on the first night. I never dated anyone I didn’t want to sex though. I knew in a few moments, and if he didn’t open his mouth and ruin it, there we went.
    Have a good time — best of luck!


  4. Be yourself, that should be enough! Put on some nice alluring guy cologne, get a few drinks into you and be direct but not too pushy. It’s all about the vibe, so go out, have fun and good luck.


    1. Cologne. I don’t cologne Miriam. I body spray. And yes I am always myself. I generally have a good vibe going around me unless I drink too much then something happens I don’t know. I slur speech stumble and juts sort of look like an idiot


  5. For me it breaks down to two things. The first is the guys approach. If he comes on like the greatest thing since sliced bread, he lost any oportunity befor he even said hello. The second determining factor is the first words out of his mouth. If they set off my asshole detector then there is no way.


  6. I’m going to be blunt here because it has happened to me. I’m more likely to screw a guy when I am pissed .Not paralytically drunk but very very merry. I also am attracted to the guy who everyone laughs at – well I mean the one that makes everyone laugh. I think a bit mystery helps. A few subtle glances. Subtle compliments are lovely to hear and having someone not zone out when I talk and then later in the conversation remembering something I said or like- it has to be subtle. Oh and being clean and fresh smelling helps :0


    1. I have been having a tendency to zone out recently. I don’t know I may have to go to the doc. I know some drinks gets the girl in the mood but gosh sometimes being around a woman that’s pissed can be really fucking annoying. Especially when I am not so drunk.

      Thanks for being blunt though. You rock.


  7. Glad to see you are feeling a little better! Personally, I know very quickly if I want to sleep with a guy and then make it fairly obvious. It helps if I’m drunk and the guy offers food. I hope you were successful!


    1. So just offer the porter girl some chips when she is sloshed and you have a shot at getting the keys to kingdom.

      Thank you for sharing. Yes I am feeling much better, though, this hangover sucks.


  8. Women definitely decide before they leave the house… there are certain err “house-keeping” rituals that need to take place before we leave so whether or not we are game is based on if we tend to those tasks before we leave the house. Seeing as I am late to the party, how was last night ;)?

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    1. It was okay. I got a bang but it was not a good fuck and it was not the person that I wanted. I wanted the Saudia Arabian looking woman that gave me great eye contact but her fucking friend would have none of it. Overall the girl I screwed was a basketball fan and basketball was on so it was easy to talk with her and she did not bored me. Sex was however kind of boring. Which shocked me from her demeanor but I’ve come to notice that the wild ones out in the surface are sort of dead in bed. I don’t want to go on a rant here now. I have a hang over. Thank you for the advice though

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  9. Women usually know within 15 seconds if they are going to sleep with someone or not. It’s almost impossible to gage from the outside eye though. A lot of women are looking for relationships and not a casual one night stand. Also each and every time a woman hangs out with a stranger… safety is an issue. Why not go to a sex club where you know people are there just for sex? Wrap it up and be respectful of anyone who chooses to share their body with you. Good luck!

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