19 thoughts on “New sex rule added

    1. I don’t see the correlation. But yes I think sex is better with women 30 or above. Incidentally my youth was very sheltered my mom always made sure I had a roof over my head and hot soup in my tummy


  1. LOL, I’m sorry but I assumed you were in your early twenties but that blog post… if your in your 40’s…sleeping with women 30 plus shouldn’t be an earth shattering announcement. But I respect and applaud your decision and hope to hear all about it in future blog posts.


    1. It is for me. I went away from being with women in their 30’s and 40’s because well most of them had kids already, ex husband dramas, etc. So I said to heck with this, I going with women in there 20’s that only have problems like “I don’t know where to start with my thesis.” BUT sex is just greater with the former thus the change. God that was a lot to write. Are you trying to stress me out.


      1. I’m around your age. Most of the men who approach me are twenties or maybe early 30s. I get very excited when an attractive man around my age approaches me. If he can handle something casual, I figure the combined experience is a good thing.

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