Bits about me

Hello my name is Eldridge. It means wise counselor or something like that. Or old ruler. I like the wise counselor part. My mother gave me the name out of respect for one of her friends. I believe he was British. She said, he went before his time. So in a sense I am carrying on some of his life, too. I carry a lot of burdens. My shoulders are broad but tired.

Most people that know me call me Ridge. I don’t mind it. It helps me cipher out people I don’t know that calls me: “Hello can I speak to Eldridge?” Click! I don’t know you, or, you don’t know me.

I am blunt. I am brutally honest and not to a fault. I prefer the same in return. I enjoy the company of strong people. Alphas of the world, both men and women. I like to be around leaders. Weak people freak me out. I never know when they could snap over anything I find simplistic. But I do realize that everyone problems are their own, and measured with their own scale. So I feel your pain, but I won’t dwell in it with you.

Like you I am a contradiction. Like you I am flawed. Like you my heart has scars. Like you I need love. I will love you before you will love me. I will leave you before you will leave me. You will hurt me. I will hurt myself. I will hurt you before you are ready for it. No one is ready to be hurt are they?.

I love sex. I love the messy bits of sex, the sweat, the scent, the passion. The raw freedom in it. The involuntary movement of toes curling. The involuntary transformation of your face. I believe to truly have great sex you have to totally let go and surrender to the person. Surrender to the pleasure.

I love women. I find all women extremely sexy and beautiful. I love the shape of a woman’s body. Her lady lumps. Her curves. The crook of her elbows. The back of her knees. The slope of her neck, her breast.

I am a womanizer, and I have issues with committing to one woman. I enjoy not just sex, but I enjoy it with other women. I am upfront that I want to be with other women. Surprisingly, these days, women don’t mind that either. I will never cheat on a woman I am with though. If I am with you, I am with you entirely. I won’t marry you though. I don’t believe in it.

I love my mother unconditionally. She is my favorite person in the whole universe. She is French. I am French-American. English is my second language. But I’ve lost French over the years. My second language is now by default my first. My mother says in French, “how could you have a country when you have no language?” What the fuck does that mean maman?

These are some bits about me. Tell me some bits about you.


39 thoughts on “Bits about me

  1. I’m Jennifer. For some reason that means that everyone thinks I’m Jessica. It’s never bothered me. I’m not defined by my name. I am still myself regardless of my label, though my skin is extremely white and fair, so I suppose at least I was named properly.

    It took me a while to realize I was strong. It took me a while to realize that I shouldn’t lower myself or my standards and expectations to make my partners comfortable. I should still strive to attain all the things I want from myself and from life.

    It took a few relationships to understand that sometimes walking away is the best choice for everyone involved and that ending something doesn’t mean that I have failed. It means that I have learned.

    It took me a while to learn I don’t have to believe what people tell me if I didn’t want to. The only things that matter are what I think, and the truths that I except.

    “You’re ugly. You’re stupid. You’re too emotional.”

    It took me a while to realize that most of the time when people were cutting me down it was because they themselves were hurting and it actually had nothing to do with me at all. I didn’t have to repeat their words inside of my head like a broken record anymore because I finally understood that the only way those words became true was if I believed them.

    It has only been in the past few years that I have truly accepted my sexuality rather than believing my partners when they call me a sex addict, or say that I’m fucked up for enjoying BDSM. I’ve accepted that sex is important to me and that I don’t want to compromise on it. Instead of living life half empty, half fulfilled and constantly craving, wanting, I’m going to drown in life instead. I’m going to enjoy myself while I can, as much as I can, because we’re all going to die at some point anyway. I would rather die knowing I lived as completely as I could, rather than regretting that I didn’t.

    That’s a bit about me.

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      1. Thank you for the compliments. Flattery will get you everywhere. : p

        As I was creeping through your other replies I saw one of them mentioning past lives. There was a book I read a while ago titled Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. You may find it interesting.


      2. haha. no worries. somebody on here told me creepers are cool, because the leave cool things on your door steps, or was it stalkers. I don’t remember, I’ve started drinking wine, so, yeah that…

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  2. Raw honesty is the very best kind. I continue to admire you for saying things as they are, it’s refreshing.

    My Grandfather was French although he died when I was very small. I blame him for my wild hair.

    Bossy as required but quietly reassuring. Somewhere there’s a story, that’s as yet, unwritten.

    As for the other stuff….it’s secured under lock and key, right where it belongs. Some things are best left to the imagination.


      1. Ha ha. Not really. I’m organised but I’m also incredibly scruffy. However, the kitchen must be tidy or I have a bit of a meltdown and my socks drawer/s are ….worthy of a military medal. Hmmm. Bit of a pattern appearing there. Freak is good. I’m happy with that…Novel? Not 50 Shades, far too Enid Blyton. Perhaps a mix of Anna Karenina and Peter Pan with a huge dash of Resident Evil.


  3. Oh my this is a day for revealing secrets. Let’s see; I am not a talker, I will almost never initiate a conversation. I am very stubborn. I am an overachiever. This is my 9th lifetime on this planet. I hate clocks. I love the sound of trains. I like your name. I like names with character. I am going to call you El though not Ridge. Ridge is cool but I enjoy being different. Relearn French, it will make your Mother very happy.


    1. I don’t mind el but I want capitaine followed after it.

      I also can’t stand clocks. I will relearn it. I believe it will come back when I go to France, hopefully. I think she will be embarrassed if I don’t

      So can we sit and have a talk about the other lifetimes


      1. Think about the capitaine thing, then we can try it and if you still don’t like it we can revisit it.

        once I was driving with a friend from Va to NY and he had a audio book about this guy that had all these lifetimes. He was dying and basically was reliving all the moments of all his deaths…I thought it was cool as shit. I don’t remember the name of it though. but I hate audio books, and I actually paid attention to it.

        maybe you should do a piece on your flashes…

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  4. Nice to get to know you a bit better. You know me as Miriam, I’m also called Miri, Mim, Mum, Snook, amongst other things! I’m pretty fun loving when you get to know me but I can be reserved until I make up my mind about someone.

    I’ve been married to the same guy for 23 years and consider myself pretty lucky. He still makes me laugh, we have a great time together and I guess you could say he’s my best friend. It’s not always rosy though and we’ve had some ups and downs but we’re still good together. I’m not one to lose my identity as a wife or a mum though. I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin. More confident. Stronger than ever. More honest. I’ll happily speak my mind. I love chocolate, red wine, a good workout, sex, camping in the great outdoors, my dog, music, of course my kids and lots more but that’s enough for now. Don’t want to give away all my secrets!


    1. Thank you for sharing Miri (I like that).
      You seem to have found a good partner that matches with you well. They say laughter and communication and sex can take a marriage through infinity.

      Keep laughing and keeping enjoying all that comes along.

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  5. I also lost my first language, but I am not German, I’m an Army brat. I was born in the hometown of the Brothers Grimm. My birthday is all doubles. My real name is an expensive French beverage. I’ve never been married and not sure I believe in it, either. I don’t look like the music I love to listen to the most. I was an early bloomer, but didn’t find my true sexual self until very late. I’m not stubborn, I’m decisive. I’m very selfish with my time. Needy people turn me off. Weak people also creep me out, even though I’m a closet weak person who wears an alpha facade. I think common courtesy is a rare commodity, right above common sense. I’m addicted to coffee, hate minivan drivers, struggle with keeping things short, sweet & to the point, and crave braingasms wrapped in morbid sarcasm on a regular basis. I’ve owned the same car for 13 years.

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  6. I find all of these bits outstanding because it’s straightforward and honest. Bluntness is such a treasure if you ask me. Of course, I say that because we’re alike in many ways. Most of all, I’m thrilled to know your name. Ridge sounds much better than “Plot”……If I’m at work and looking through my notifications I’m like “Plot posted something, let me check it out.” Ha! Nice to meet you Ridge. 🙂


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