Advice for men on who to marry

  • Marry a woman that likes to be natural and walk around barefooted. During summers she loves the beach and flip flops.

Why? Because women shoes are fucking expensive.

  • Marry a woman that scoffs at manicures.

Why? You know what goes well with french tip nails? Luis Vuitton hand bags.


Good luck!

27 thoughts on “Advice for men on who to marry

      1. I am so into clothing, shoes and bags🙌😻 I’m just gunna show him my cards so he gets prepared for this thing😹


  1. I am not much of a shoe/bag person…but I wear sandals only to the beach,so I guess this applies to me.
    Don’t think I want a ma who doesn’t watch sports though…football is pretty much half of my conversation content. The other half is the blog;-)


  2. Shoes should always be an option; barefoot is my favorite. Louis Vuitton is a bit pretentious for my taste bit I do like Perry Ellis and Halston. French tip nails fit into the Louis V category but they do need to long and sharp! I think if a woman wants the expensive things and can afford them on her own, why should a guy care? I don’t need or want a man to take care of me or pay my way.

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      1. I had to Google it to find out what they were. You have good taste, the transocean is pretty. I can’t wear watches they stop working when I wear them. But that’s fine I don’t like clocks anyway. You will have to ask real nice or be a good boy. You two will have to work that out.


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