Result of Friday Poem Thread

Well lets see what we came up with. The participation was quite slim, but the words were on point.


It is this day I break it off with the week
and start to pry open the legs of the weekend.

The sweet apex I have so longed for
Finally bared before my gaze once more. (1)

Well then,
just where are raincoats in case of stormy weather (2)



(1) Jennifer at
(2) Tosha Michelle at

wanted to know if I had gotten over my cold. So sweet.
Caring heart. Wanted to know if the break up with the week wasn’t a bad one. So lovely

Honorable mentions:
All that ‘liked.’

Go ahead and stop by the participants, the commenters, and those that liked the post. See what they are up to, you may learn something today.

Thank you all. Much love your way.


12 thoughts on “Result of Friday Poem Thread

    1. Thank you. Though I cannot take full credit for the idea, another awesome blogger did a similar thing with a story thread. I did not participate in it either. I just stole the idea. I will do another one just for you. So you must promise to participate. Like a pinky swear or something.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. it should go like this.
      I will write:
      “deep in the sky I see one star”

      a commenter will write something in the comments continuing the poem,
      “Lonely and bright there you are”

      and so on.

      comprendre l’mour.


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