The weekend has dumped me
Tail tucked between legs
I go grovel to the week again.


Go ahead and continue in comments. Don’t be shy, you can write anything. Would love to hear from you 🙂


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60 thoughts on “MONDAY POEM THREAD

      1. Ah what a lovely question! I live on a quiet road with a view overlooking a meadow that slopes down to a stream. When I write in my notebook I curl up on the sofa with that view at my side. Music, yes usually instrumental, lyrics can be distracting and sometimes I have wine. Sometimes a whiskey, and sometimes it helps!


      2. I like that scene. You have a favorite blanket don’t you. I am trying to find time and space to write, but it seems no matter where or when I can’t get in a zone, my mind seems unsettled. My mother says I should try meditating. Do you meditate. Meditation I am finding is hard.

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      3. I am an early riser. Truth be told, I am done with most of my work by noon or so. I just stick around after, well because I have to be here, and it will look bad if I just up and leave. I daydream about sex a lot, but that is nothing new. I have been doing that since I was a teenager. mostly I have been dreaming about a new life, doing something creative with my life, going back to school for something in writing, I wonder if I’m too old to do that, or maybe if I am going through a midlife thing now.

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      4. It’s not too late. I’m in my 40s. I’ve only been writing seriously for about 2 years. I can’t say that it’s easy though. Writing and making a living at writing are 2 very different things. But don’t let that hold you back. You should always follow your dreams.


  1. But Monday’s mad
    Drags me by the collar
    And throws me into the week
    I stumble, meek and blinking
    At the bright new day
    Baby, you’re it for me, I say
    Monday smiles and kicks me away

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      1. I have read that collab. Gosh I am afraid I may not be as talented as you. But I am game for any challenge. You let me know when and where and what to bring or wear. Nothing. Yep. Even better

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  2. The weekend has dumped me
    Tail tucked between legs

    I go grovel to the week again.
    Maybe next time I’ll get laid.

    The pain I feel is exquisite,
    A habit which makes my body ache.

    Strip me, tease me, beat me,
    Chain me to the week to test if I will break.

    I’ll wake up and shower,
    begging coffee to fortify my soul.

    I’ll start this weekly routine once again,
    Pain and torment, all falling into an endless black hole.

    Then suddenly, sweet release, endless pleasure
    The weekend, beautiful bitch, she’ll be here.

    And like the pain slut I am, I’ll indulge and bask
    For in my dreams, my weekend is always near.

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      1. I’ve backspaced over my reply like six times now… so… I’m just going to send it. Hope you don’t mind. Nothing offensive is meant.

        We need to expose you to new experiences then because clothing can be amazing in certain situations.


      2. I’ll keep that in mind. Should be easy since mangos are a favorite fruit for me.

        Sadly I must go for now. Curse being a responsible adult and having to get to work on time. : /

        I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, Ridge.


  3. The weekend has dumped me
    Tail tucked between legs
    I go grovel to the week again.
    Look upwards, lust inwardly
    Continue outwardly
    Secrets burn, will he call?
    So wrong but he has me
    Friday can’t come round quick enough
    wanting so bad to be set free.

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