Some things to say (and do) besides I love you

Just like writing a novel, you show, you don’t tell. You indulge the senses. This is touch/feel.

She is doing something with her hands.
Say, “I love the way your hands look grinding coffee.” Stand behind her and place your hands above her hands, and grind with her. Touch.

She says something profound.
Say, “I love the way your mind thinks.” Run your hand over her ear as if fixing strands of hair. Touch.

Something saddens or upsets her.
Say, absolutely nothing. She doesn’t want you to fix shit. Just hold her. Touch.

She bought a new pair of jeans.
Say, “Damn, your ass looks great in those.” Stand behind her and let her feel your bulge. Kiss her neck with your hands on her hips. Touch.

She bought a new pair of shoes.
Say, “Let me help you with that.” Get on a knee and slip the shoe on. Hold her ankle firm and with care. Finish with, “Lovely.” Touch.

She has a new hairdo.
Say, “That style accentuates your neck. Your cheek bones stands out.” Kiss her on the cheek. Touch.

She tells you she loves you at the end of the day.
Say, “I love this.” and tap ever so slightly on the center of her chest. Touch.

Within the day, you have showed her how much you feel about her without telling her plain old “I love you.” You let her feel how much you love her.

P.S. There is a parenting magazine on her coffee table.
The title says: Thinking of Getting a Baby.
Buy her a puppy. Puppies touch and lick and kiss a lot.

Good Luck.




52 thoughts on “Some things to say (and do) besides I love you

  1. This is great advice. Unfortunately, it’s something men don’t understand. They throw an ‘I love You’ at their significant other then proceed to ignore her then wonder why she won’t respond favorably in the bedroom. Actions speak a lot louder than words and so many people just don’t get it!


    1. Unfortunately men can be a bit slow. we think we can say I love you, dangle our penises there and hope to get it polished. A man can get so much further and have a wonderful sharing rela if they (we) just give a little here and there…I feel you

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    1. Don’t sell yourself short. Listen, truth is some men don’t know this or that or they do and the relationship has gotten comfy and they have just forgotten. I think continuous communication about everything is key

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  2. Time, patience, understanding and trust…you speak wisely. Sincerity has to be at the heart of all of this and it has to be done so with respect and a genuine desire/want/longing for that individual. It works both ways though and women shouldn’t be too complacent in thinking that men don’t also need or want the same affection. My advice, step out of your comfort zone, be assertive, listen, get to know what makes him or her tick, surprise, do not anticipate and above all, be impulsive.


    1. I have always concluded that a woman can sense BS from galaxies away. If someone is going to do something without meaning it the whole feeling will be lost. Yes it definitely goes both ways both parties need to feel love

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