My lovelies I am gone for the day. I have a friend performing in a band in Harlem so I am off to show my support.

It reminds me to remind us all that we are all friends in this blogging community. On a day to day basis I enjoy immensely chatting it up with the folks I come across on this forum. They are all lovely people and have really welcomed me to this community of bloggers. So wholeheartedly I thank you.

I know that I may be fresh with you at times, but it is just how I operate, and truthfully it is what makes life so great, bumping into different sorts of people. Why the hell would you want to meet a bunch of “you.” You see yourself everyday. I mean you are interesting and all, but wouldn’t it be more fun to meet me, him or her. Yes it will be.

I had a rather stupid day, from my work phone falling on the subway tracks, to hearing my boss bitch about it, to my mom calling bitching about how much she hates Ikea, to some ass eating my lunch. But you know what made the day the best? Chatting it up with you all.

So I may not know you, know you, but I have nothing but love and best wishes for you.

Enjoy the rest of your evening/morning/night/day. AND go ahead and participate in the Monday Poem Thread. Meet people. Chat away. Support one another.


20 thoughts on “Support

  1. Nice words. I feel the same way about everyone I chat with … chatting to you and others is something I really look forward to, especially when I have a crappy day. Hope you have a great night out.


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