Final Results: OkCupid vs Tinder (vs the universe)

Funny stuff from a blogger I just discovered. Go check him out. By all accounts he looks handsome, too.

There you go ladies.


The month is up. The results are in. Conclusion: using the incredibly representative sample of myself, I have created for you a comprehensive guide to your ideal mode of dating. Simply find the personality type below that bests fits you, followed by my suggestion for your best chance at finding Mr/Mrs Right. You see, during my month of using OkCupid (I’ll just say online dating in general), Tinder (or any other similar service), and taking my chances with the universe (as in that real-world entity that will kill you just as easily as it will give you free ice cream) I noticed several nuanced differences that gave insight into both the purpose and the practical function of each. Basically, if you are…

  • A social person with romantic prospects: Why are you even on here? Sounds like the universe is treating you well.
  • A social person without romantic prospects: You just need an…

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