free form

Guys, meet HA! by a telephone booth in “Free Form”

Go check her out


     I saw a telephone booth the other day.

     strange,                    seeing it’s accordion door,                   artifact of time

    landline to a recent past.

   quickly checking, making sure there wasn’t

             a dimensional time shift,

    as these things are bound to happen,                        according to modern theories

just another    silver door   that      holds no coin.

Edging the event, on the horizon

bits swim upstream, lounging on  heated rocks

connective tissue    paper thin     memory

   Once said somewhere, by someone worth remembering

 freedom is             what you do                        with what’s been done to you

  time here,             is strange,            a carnival ride of              free assimilation

  biochemical inputs penetrating imaginary membranes

              raining                manna from                  the  pool above

mutable structures                           swan dive,                        cutting,                          splash-less

      into recognizable realities.

      I saw a telephone booth the other day,

                                it was part of a movie set,      real,     out of place,      freely existing

                                                                    on the corner        confidently             mocking

                                                                                                                       the parsonage of time.

HA! 2016

meatmonster (c) 2014 HA!artwork: Oils HA! 2008 from the Monsters…

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