51 thoughts on “Words in limbo

  1. 1 hope this post isn’t aimed at me. My cancer became very much worse before Christmas and then three weeks ago I suffered my fifth stroke. My wife has been reposting some of my old blogs to fill the vacuum and typed this for me. Ciao.


    1. Oh hells no Meg. We are partners in this blogging life for life. or at least my life. When I am big, well this blog. I am going to promote you like a boss. It is just appreciation for spending a boring tuesday afternoon chatting with me. Trust me. I am going to be HUGE!!!

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      1. I don’t allow people to ride my coattails. I am better than no one, that they must stand behind me. You ride side my side with me. The presence is more magnificent that way.

        comprendre l’amour

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