Good morning bloggers

You are as lovely as the morning. Full of hope and determination. I wish I could greet you like the sun–Spotlighting and warming your every move.

All I have are these words I would like to share with you: this is your day, your time, your moment, attack it with the ferocity of devil dogs. Do not just be a bystander of this day, whatever you want out of the day, go get it. Own YOUR day. Attack

Good luck


7 thoughts on “Good morning bloggers

    1. Go get it. Crush the day. I woke up and read a comment from a blogger: it was like hopefully the humpday will be smashing. It was a cute play on words, but I liked it, and it got me amp, so I said, I am going to fuck this day up. So go ahead crush the day, squeeze everything out of it.


  1. I wish I had seen this when I got up this morning. 😦 I could have used a “Crush the day” motivation. I was up at 7:45, did the daily draw and have been writing all day. I have it now though so I will crush the rest of the day! Thanks El 🙂

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