Help: Movies

I have some friends coming by tonight. It is our movie night we have once a week, and it is my turn to pick a movie. Send me some recommendations, please. Preferably something funny.

Thank you lovelies.

p.s. if I pick your choice and it sucks, its your ass. No I am kidding, I will to something nice for you regardless.

48 thoughts on “Help: Movies

      1. LOL here face? You are funny! I am trying to think of another. Oh, old one but its funny….Paulie Shore in Son-in-law. It is funny but that is to me anyway. Wtf is your idea of a funny comedy???????????????


      2. NOT Paulie shore. Yes her face sucks, it is too flattened, my opinion.

        I have a great sense of humor I think. I like shit like anchorman, superbad, knocked up, shit like that..I’m cheesy at times..

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      3. Love all of your choices….my son’s turned me on to funny shit like Will Farrell and my lovie the superbad chick! Superbad is one of my favs I just have forgotten that. Yes, you are chessy and I love cheese! Your sense of humor is contagious. You know if you make someone smile or laugh then you have done well. You are inspiring and I don’t even know you. Yet, in some way I can relate to you…..isn’t life grand!

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  1. We just watched American Ultra, I believe is the name, and it has action and some comedy. I stayed awake through it all so it should be good, just my opinion though. Hope you guys have fun whatever movie you watch.

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