Lost follow

Well I suppose I must get to this. Normally I would not concern myself with shit like this but I would like to get one point across.

“You are disgusting and a foul mouth. Bye.”

That is the gist of an email I received at plotlessone.com. Apparently PUSSY is a bad word.

First and only, it is my blog. My space, and I will write and say whatever the fuck I want on it. I will not be censored by anyone. I live on earth, in America, land of I speak my fucking mind. I have no idea what planet you are from, but your planet sucks. Piss off.

Bye. Prude motherfucker. Your loss

If you would like to email me for whatever reason, collaborations, guest post or just to bullshit. My email is on my avatar or: plotlessone.com@gmail.com.

If you are leaving, just leave. No hard feelings.

52 thoughts on “Lost follow

  1. My goodness. I’m so glad I’ve never received an email of this stature, because I would not hold back my words in a very long-winded response email. Seriously, people. No need to tell the world you’re unfollowing a blog or a Facebook page. If ya don’t like it, DON’T READ IT. It’s that simple! 🙂


  2. ha, you made me laugh. 🙂
    I had to tell someone this same thing just yesterday. In my case, the person told me that they didn’t like poetry and could I stick to writing chapters of a story that they wanted to read. Um…last I checked this was my fucking blog. smh

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  3. I’ve never experienced that. It’s probably a crime of enthusiasm and thoughtlessness but to quote Helen Keller, ‘safety and security do not exist in nature’. What we do isn’t meant to appeal to everyone, is it? Just walk your path and people either get it or they don’t.

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  4. I hate that people think they can dictate what other people blog about and be rude about it. It’s one thing to disagree with someone and have a productive discussion. It’s another to straight up tell someone what they can and cannot write. It is their loss 🙂

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  5. And they said, ‘bye?’ Oh my, so funny. That they bothered to take the time and effort to tell you this in the first place, is sad. Pussy..hardly offensive and I’ve used much worse. If you are disgusting, I am off the scale.

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  6. You wouldn’t believe the nasty stuff that I get on the regular. I just delete and move on. It’s amazing how people feel obligated to tell others how offended they are.


      1. I presume they’ve got entirely too much time on their hands, indeed. When I’m reading something and I don’t like it, I just stop reading it. Apparently not everyone possesses such amazing skills.

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  7. I am so very glad I follow your blog! It has helped me find my voice as a new woman. I love your brazziness in the way you speak your mind. I normally would not voice how I felt like ever! Blogging has helped me express myself more. Pussy is a word and it can be used in different forms. However you choose to use it is ok by me because it is freedom of speech ya know. Sometimes I want to say “fuck it” and people like you show me I can. If I offend unfollow me or quit reading…….best to you always….Annette

    ps you make me smile a lot too and that is a good thing!


      1. I left my marriage of 25 years 4 years ago. I have went through the grieving of the loss of the actual marriage and now I am finding my voice and feeling things for real. Being pent up is how I lived since I was 15. I am used to the feeling and I hate to admit it but I became comfortable with walking with my head to the ground and smiling that fake smile while dying inside. (he fucked me hard physically abused me and mentally) Anyway, I knew leaving was my way to live. My heart lead me here in the now……Living every moment and being in a constant state of learning what I like or dislike. Even my food choices were always someone else’s. With that all said…..masturbation I have read that it is a great way to keep your mind open and vibrant….ready to embrace the world so to speak. I started kind of dating less than a year after I left fuck nuts. It was a bust and sex sucked. That is when I started to explore in every way how to open up my senses and accept the gift of pleasure. I giggled when I read that you wrote masturbation because it is something I am learning to use as more than just a release its a mode of elevating myself….loving my self in all ways. Again, learning to love me…..if that makes sense. Goes beyond the orgasm satisfaction. LOL now you have me talking about this in public like I am a shameful hussy….TEEHEE…..I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!


      2. You are not a shameful hussy. Thank you so much for sharing, I am sorry you had to go through that. No one should have to go through something like that. But you know what my love: Welcome to freedom. Embrace it.

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      3. I am truly, deeply, and without restrictions! Thanks for listening to my sob story but you will be glad to know I no longer am a victim and do not wallow in self pity. Instead I am truly redefining me…..the undefinable…..no labels, no past, just me!

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  8. It takes all sorts, doesn’t it. Don’t ever stop being you (as if you would), your posts are awesome and I always look forward to reading your stuff. Anyone who doesn’t, well it’s their choice and their loss.


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