The birth of some emojis

It was a text from death. He thought.

Found lump in breast. Going in for tests.
 Tonight discuss the rest.

No emoji.

The tears had no choice. Something crawled up his face and ripped them out. Streams of blue like ribbon waterfalls painted his cheeks.


It was a text from God. He thought.

Results negative. I love you


By now his chest was to weak to contain his heart. It burst through his chest.


He wrote a text of his own,

Dear Cancer,
Fuck you.



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12 thoughts on “The birth of some emojis

  1. Omg first LOVE the last emoji very much! Second, I had a lumpectomy years ago in my right breast. It was scary til I got all clear from the doctor. So, I can relate. Third, my sister (my hero) just got all clear after chemo and radiation therapy for Lymphoma a year and a half ago. FUCK CANCER…..

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