Freeze this moment

forget the cheesy title. At the moment there is something weird going on with my blog. That orange blip that rings the bell told me that my stats are booming and my blog is getting a lot of traffic. I don’t know what is going on or why. I know Annette over at Annette’s place did a really nice piece on my blog that made me speechless. Thank you Annette.

The truth is I want all of you to be in on this too, and I want to take this moment to tell everyone coming here at my blog to check out the people that comment, that likes, that stop by here. Go over to there blogs and see what they are up to, they are great writers, poets, photographers, great people. Great artist. Go over to them.

I only wish I could freeze this fleeting moment and link all that visit me daily. I am sorry that I can’t. This moment of traffic will pass, but while it is coming, and if you are reading this, please do this, please go and check out others that come here. They are awesome people and you won’t regret it.

Go there. after here. go there.

59 thoughts on “Freeze this moment

  1. I’m on the flip side of that as my traffic grinds to a halt. This is ok though as my goal was not to gain followers or likes. If I reach only one person throughout my week and I have affected their life in a positive way, I am truly happy. It will allow me to make the transition to shutting up shop, that much easier. My goal was never to stay for long.

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      1. I’m still here for now. Fear not. Shoes…ah yes…let me count. My love lies not in shoes but in the emotions that arise from the moments that they were witness to; an act or a memory. I realise I’m waffling again. I have cupboards of shoes and boots and more shoes. I’ve tamed this habit and fortunately only have one pair of chainsaw boots. Boots…ah boots. Anyway.


      2. No. Not ever. This would cause the stock market to crash. Newsstands would not cope with the influx of greedy hands. This has given me an idea though. Not that I have the time for ‘another idea’ but I’ll pop it to one side for much later when death and high heels have paid their price.


      3. I’m currently working on two stories but there’s room for a third although…if they got mixed up…it could be disastrous. Truly though, this would make a great story. Imagination, determination, passion, creativity and a whole lot of crazy, make for some fun writing.


      4. Shall I start a post? Or shall you? Go on, you know it makes sense, hurry though. I could tell you but then I’d have to explain and that could be messy.


    1. Merci.

      I don’t really have a niche though, I don’t think. I am veering towards my blog becoming something like an other blog promoter/promotion center kind of thing, if that makes sense.

      Oh this weekend I am packing. I am offer to Australia come Monday. One month of vacation and one month for work. I am excited.

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  2. Since I have followed you I have noticed you post more lately. You are letting your humor show in your random posts and rants. This may be why your stats are up. Whatever the reason you do deserve it. Trust and believe that. PAT PAT PAT ON YOUR BACK……A fan always….Annette


  3. I love this post and I’m here because of Annette. She wrote such a beautiful piece about you that I had to come check out your blog and I’m so glad I did. She was speaking truth and I can see why she is inspired by you.

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