Giving thanks

Firstly, thank you cock for being big enough so that my phone could have bounced off you and not fall in the toilet. It would have been the second phone lost to a fall this  week. Whew! Thank you.

Second, thank you all for your movie recommendations. Apparently you guys really know your movies. I gave everyone the choices of the movies you guys recommended and we unanimously pick Train Wreck. Well, actually I said, this is what the fuck we are watching. It was a hilarious watch. It you have not seen it I highly recommend it. Laughs all over.  Thank you alleyheynow. Head on over to her spot and give her a HEY ALLEY, please. I will be checking to see who did and did not.

Also, hit these guys up as well. They offered recommendations.

Annette’s place. Recommended “Something About Mary.” I do like this movie for a good laugh, but there is something about Cameron Diaz face that I can’t stand.

Victory in trouble. Recommended “Death at a Funeral.” (U.K version). I really thought about this. So next time.

Worrior Freya. Recommended “Hot Fuzz,” “Emperors New Grove,” “Scott Pilgrim vs The World,” and “The Hangover. I do love me some Hot Fuzz.

Gloria at Confessions of a Sahm. Recommended “American Ultra.” I had to google it as I had not heard of it, and it sounds pretty good, and is on my to watch list now. Thank you Gloria.

Illian Rain, who I am finding out has a lovely blog recommended “Train Wreck” as well, and “Bridesmaid.” Bridesmaid is a classic. “Do you want a lap nap.”
The fab Lennon had three awesome choices, “We’re the Millers,” “Get Hard,” and “Step Brothers.” Step Brothers is one of my faves of all time. “Did we just become best friends.”

Dr. Ruth concurred with Lennon that “Get Hard” was the shit. He also, recommended Empire Records (which I love) Ted and Ted 2, as well as “Daddy’s Home.” Dr. Ruth has awesome taste in movies, and I will be putting “Get Hard” on the list.

My favorite psycho babbles took a break from her unhappy valentines day project and recommended Spy with Melissa McCarthy. Simply because she woke up to say hey, I will check it out.

Daisy my darling simply cannot follow instructions. Daisy offered us some series to watch. Motherfuckers move into your place when you start to watch series, they never leave. But if anyone is up for some series here are Daisy’s choices: American Horror Stories, Spartacus (THIS IS THE SHIT, CAN’T DENY), and Bourgas. Daisy also likes the classic “Gone with the wind,” a Richard Pryor stand up (Richard Pryor is the shit), and 80’s themes. Who doesn’t love Daisy.

Last, but absolutely fucking never least, one of my bestie, Miri, recommended “The Hangover.” The Hangover is also the shit. So is Miri.

So there you have it guys. Thank you all for taking the time to send some recommendations, it was much appreciated. Head on over to one another site, discuss movies, say hi, whatever, meet one other, it was what this blogging thing is all about, meeting amazingly talented people. Do not miss out on someone amazing that you can learn from simply because you are too lazy to click a fucking link.


Coming up: Kokology results, as well as Monday Poem Thread results.


15 thoughts on “Giving thanks

  1. OH SNAPPPPPP!. SHOUT OUT! lmao i’m so lame. Glad you enjoyed it! 😀 ( P.S. this is totally embarrassing to admit and I’m so sorry if it is offensive in anyway but I just realized you were a guy. Show’s how observant I am :X.


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