Kokology personality test results

Before I share the results and embarrass the participants I will like to talk about something very important as it pertains to personality.

By the Myer Briggs definition I am an ENFP (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving) personality type. I have taken the test many times. Once for my job, and sometimes drunk with friends just for kicks, and it comes back ENFP all the time. If you would like to look up the different personality types there are many forms of literature about it littered all over the net, so go ahead and check it out. Like all personalities there is a good and bad to it. No one is perfect, we are only humans after all. One of the best traits of an ENFP type is that most ENFP’s believe that we are all connected by a cosmic force. It is what I talk about when I say we are all connected through our energies. The aura that flows around us. I believe it connects us all.

What I would like to discuss is that energy. I have been thinking about my attitudes towards negative people. For the most part I tend to just walk away, dismiss or keep my distance from someone with a negative attitude or negative energy. I have come to the conclusion that this is the wrong action to have towards them, and here is why. Firstly, I believe that love can heal the entire world, I believe that happiness can fix us all of whatever aches us, and that a smile is one of the most powerful things we own. I believe in the butterfly effect, that if I give this person here in New York a genuine smile, and a sincere compliment, I believe that in a matter of days (maybe less), through all the ways we are connected that smile, that sincerity can affect someone in say Latvia, just to choose a place. With that said, it is very important that when we come across someone with a negative attitude, negative energy, we do not walk away from it, we block that energy from spreading through the various ways of connectivity. We take a stance then and there. Let them know that in a very short span of time, there negative attitude will reach China. Be proactive in stopping and blocking negative energy.

Okay enough on that. Time for the fun part.

Kokology results. Thanks to all that participated. Give them some claps and love. Their bravery is commended, also, thank you for not being a douche and ruining it for others if you knew it already.

The Kokology test focuses more on sexuality and desires. Below is my rendition of it:

It is a nice sunny day, gorgeous by all accounts. The sun hangs in the sky like if it was painted up there. It is perfect. You are wearing your favorite outfit, and a cooling breeze walks with you. You are walking down a path, off to your right you see a strawberry field, with the most lush red strawberries you have ever seen. You negotiate a fence surrounding the field, and enter the luscious deliciousness. The farmer of the strawberry field comes out to the field and catches you eating his sweet strawberries.

The Key:

The fence represents your sexual barriers. The higher or more fortify the fence the more your sexual guard is up. The lower, the more open you are to your sexuality. Some also look at this as the higher the fence the more you will resist sexual temptations, and vice versa.

The number of strawberries you eat represents your sexual desires. The more you eat the more you yearn for sexual gratification. This is also coupled with how your love life currently stands. Meaning how many lovers you now have. It also questions your devotion and your ability to be true to just one lover. We will see who grabbed a handful of strawberries…Ohh.

Getting caught by the farmer represents what you will say or do if you get caught being unfaithful. Sometimes I like to say, it is what you say or do after you had sex. It usually makes for a good laugh.

My answers to this test when I first came up on it:
My fence was one of those wooden fence, knee high, I stepped over it, ate a hand full of strawberries, and when caught by the farmer I said, “Fuck,” and ran.

Fence: White Picket fence, 5 feet high. Sexual barrier is average, not too high, not too low
Number of strawberries: 3 strawberries. Strong sexual desires and high libido.
Said or did when caught by the farmer: “I’m so sorry sir.” Will own her mistakes.This is funny for an answer after having sex–I’m so sorry sir.

Overall assessment: Can I get your number.

Dr. Meg Sorick
Fence: Split rail fence, 4 feet high. Sexual barrier is average, not too high, not too low, though there is some form of fortification.
Number of strawberries: A handful of strawberries. Strong sexual desires and high libido.
Said or did when caught by the farmer: “I couldn’t resist” Will fall to the moment and the temptation. I do like this for an answer after having sex. lol

Overall assessment: Can I get your number, too.

Fence: Wooden fence, waste high ( I am assuming about 3 feet). Sexual barrier is average, not too high, not too low
Number of strawberries: 1 strawberry. This woman belongs to one man. Will be forever faithful
Said or did when caught by the farmer: She Froze. Will be mortified at the fact of getting caught. Probably something she would not engage in.

Overall assessment: Lucky man.

Element Healing
Fence: No fence whatsoever. Was not even mentioned. hmmm
Number of strawberries: Substituted strawberries for red apples, had 2. She will have 2 great lovers.
Said or did when caught by the farmer: “Hey Jeb the apples are looking great this year :)”

Overall assessment: Who the fuck is Jeb?

The sassy bitch
Fence: The fence was a old wooden posts with barb wire strung between. No height mention. Some form of fortification. Interesting.
Number of strawberries: 3 strawberries. Strong sexual desires and high libido.
Said or did when caught by the farmer: Laughed and said, “hey! these are delicious.”

Overall assessment: Barb wires a bit scary, but I’ll take your number too.

Fence: A LOW-brick fence, 3 feet up to waist. Interesting, low but fortified.
Number of strawberries: 1 strawberry. Belongs to one man. Will be forever faithful
Said or did when caught by the farmer: Laughed and praise him for the beautiful fruits. Asked for more.

Overall assessment: She is in love.

Fence: saw a high metal wired fence- very high. WOW!
Number of strawberries: Didn’t eat any strawberries. WOW!
Said or did when caught by the farmer: Looked at the farmer and froze.

Overall assessment: Daisy needs to get laid.

Fence: I snook under the wire. Hmmm
Number of strawberries: didn’t eat any strawberries, not because she didn’t like them but because she wasn’t hungry.
Said or did when caught by the farmer: Told the farmer I was lost which is unlikely…act innocently or told him I was chasing a dragon and hope he’d think I was bonkers and stay well away.

Overall assessment: Wait what…

May J
Fence: Weird fence with wooden PILLARS. Fortified barrier.
Number of strawberries: Had one mango. I love mangoes. Belongs to one man.
Said or did when caught by the farmer: “you have very sweet mangoes, Im so sorry for taking one” Hmm. may have a love affair with one other person.

Overall assessment: A good woman that may test the waters, but be sorry about it.

Fence: A wooden fence. EASY to get over. Sexual barrier on the low side.
Number of strawberries: A handful of strawberries. Strong sexual desires.
Said or did when caught by the farmer: She thanked him, he was my neighbor and happy to share.

Overall assessment: What is going on with the neighbor.

A scribe to describe
Fence: A white picket fence. No height. Sexual barriers may vary. Depending on circumstances
Number of strawberries: 3-4 strawberries, perhaps (hmm). Strong sexual desires.
Said or did when caught by the farmer: “I stare at up with him, guilty. Uhhh hi?” (LMAO)

Overall assessment: Will have many lovers, but may feel guilt with it. May hide it, and feel shy perhaps embarrass about being unfaithful.

Fence: It’s a barbed wire fence a little over waist high. The spacing between the wires is enough for me to slip through unharmed as long as I am careful. The wooden posts supporting the wires are old and weathered looking, rough and jagged, sticking out of the ground like silent sentinels.

Um okay. Jennifer hides her sexual barriers. It may be towards the low end of the spectrum.

Number of Strawberries: I would have had three and be contemplating a fourth since odd numbers are ugly and things should go in pairs, but conflicted about taking more of something that doesn’t belong to me, and because I really should have stopped at two.

Um okay. Jennifer is open to a menage a trois.

Said or did when caught by the farmer: I apologize and admit to my wrongdoing. I explain the temptation of the crop and being unable to resist. I ask whole-heartedly if there is a way I can repay him for the transgression. I do not want him to feel wronged by me.

Jennifer will have fun now and worry about it later.

Overall assessment: Gosh you write a lot, but send me your digits.


That is all. Now wasn’t that fun. Thank you all for participating. Remember have a fucking sense of humor, and block all negative energies from spreading.





54 thoughts on “Kokology personality test results

      1. No clue El. Jeb just sounded right. If I am wandering along a country road, it stands to reason that I must live nearby. If that is the case then I must know the farmer whose orchard I wandered into to help myself to his apples. Jeb.


  1. I read this yesterday but didn’t have a chance to comment. But based on this, it’s kinda accurate and kinda not. I had a low chain link fence that I climbed over easily, seems accurate. I ate zero berries, which, well…that’s not accurate. 🙂 But I smiled at the farmer, hoping to charm him with my cuteness and that sounds accurate, lol.


  2. Lol! I wish I’d played now. You’re also the second blogger I’ve read that refers to their Myers Briggs personality type. I’ve taken a few personality tests but not that one. I need to look into it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Found a quick free online version. No idea if its the same one but it says it is and the internet doesn’t lie so… Apparently I’m INFP. Just reading now into what that means. I guess we’re the same only I’m slightly (9%) more introverted. Interesting.


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