Kokology: Personality test

Well lovelies I am signing off for the day. I have to pack up the sex swing before my friends come by. Ha. I am only being serious.

I leave you with this personality test to comment on and think about. We will discuss your answers tomorrow.

Note: If you do not like strawberries, replace with your favorite fruit.

It is a nice sunny day, gorgeous by all accounts. The sun hangs in the sky like if it was painted up there. It is perfect. You are wearing your favorite outfit, and a cooling breeze walks with you. You are walking down a path, off to your right you see a strawberry field, with the most lush red strawberries you have ever seen. You negotiate a fence surrounding the field, and enter the luscious deliciousness. The farmer of the strawberry field comes out to the field and catches you eating his sweet strawberries.

Okay questions. 

The fence you negotiated what type of fence was it? Height, make, etc. Describe it as you see it in your head.

How many strawberries did you eat. 1, 2, a hand full, did you go to town and stuff your face?

What did you say to the farmer when he caught you eating his strawberries. What did you do?

*If you know this already, do not be a douche and ruin it for others. It is meant to be fun

Enjoy guys.

44 thoughts on “Kokology: Personality test

  1. I saw a high metal wired fence- very high. I didn’t eat any. I looked at him with a surprised look and froze. BTW I was going to get round to doing a few of these tests on my blog page -hope you don’t mind if I still go ahead with it – if you do -let me know 🙂

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  2. I snook under the wire. I didn’t eat any strawberries, not because I don’t like them but because I wasn’t hungry. I’d tell the farmer I was lost which is unlikely…act innocently or tell him I was chasing a dragon and hope he’d think I was bonkers and stay well away.

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  3. It’s a barbed wire fence a little over waist high. The spacing between the wires is enough for me to slip through unharmed as long as I am careful. The wooden posts supporting the wires are old and weathered looking, rough and jagged, sticking out of the ground like silent sentinels.

    I would have had three and be contemplating a fourth since odd numbers are ugly and things should go in pairs, but conflicted about taking more of something that doesn’t belong to me, and because I really should have stopped at two.

    I apologize and admit to my wrongdoing. I explain the temptation of the crop and being unable to resist. I ask whole-heartedly if there is a way I can repay him for the transgression. I do not want him to feel wronged by me.

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  4. Chain linked fence, waist high, grey. You would think it would have been wooden but nope that’s what i saw with a little gate to open it up.

    Just 1 before I got caught.

    Oh, are these your strawberries? I’m so sorry but they look amazing. You did a fantastic job here. Could I buy some from you?

    I am not a douche ( for the most part). I never heard of this test lol.


    1. lol..chain link fence shows some fortification as far as your sexual barriers go. It is not so high though. 1 strawberry shows a low sexual desire or maybe there is one lover in your life. I’m sorry: you will ask for forgiveness if you get caught fucking around on that one…

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