Dialogue with mom

Me: it is just call a salt water pool mom. It still has chlorine.

Mom: how so?

Me: electrolysis

Mom: what! hair removal. T’es defonce (are you high)

Me: (lol) no, it’s a process. Electrolysis of water…

Mom: (what the fuck are you talking about stare)

Me: neverrrrmind. Let’s just go to the fucking beach.

63 thoughts on “Dialogue with mom

      1. It is a couple blocks walk near the beach which is not bad. Jealousy is funny. We were walking by the beach last night and saw everyone chilling on their porch watching the sea and I was like fuck I’m jealous we should have gotten something like that.

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      2. I guess it depends. Sometimes work and day to day stuff. What’s going on in the world. Sometimes sports: I torment him with college basketball this time of year- he doesn’t like it! We both read so we talk about books. We talk about all sorts of things.


      3. You guys compliment each other well then. Not really I didn’t grow up watching or playing them. My mother was never sporty so it was hardly introduced. If I do watch it, it is more of a social thing.

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  1. Sounds like when I try to explain computer stuff to my mom. Or when she tries to explain medical stuff to me. I tend to just smile and nod and feel proud of myself when I understand something she says. Oh, morphine. I know that one! : D

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