To the broken hearted blogger

I peruse around this blogosphere
Time after time I see you in despair
Each cut deeper than the next
That last one through white meat
Down to the bone
Your soul bleeds maroon marrow
Your words mood ring purple
What can I do
But tell you, you must love you
The hands of the clock only heals
The unpicked scar
Find out who you are
Amongst all these stars
You too have light
Capable of shining ever so bright
Allow no one to put you in the dark
Give your heart
broken and shard
To the one that will make your name
A God.

14 thoughts on “To the broken hearted blogger

      1. Wow. I am seriously impressed and happy to hear this. I haven’t posted this week’s workouts yet, mostly due to this assmac heap of shite sitting on my knee.

        If you are going down that route, never compromise on the technique. I love the concept of parts of crossfit and they are incorporated into my workouts each week. It’s possible to workout for 10 to 12 minutes and feel quite overwhelmingly nauseous. Let me know what you decide to do and I’ll gladly motivate or give guidance on a workout.


      2. I have been looking at some WOD online but they mostly involve weights, currently I am without weights and I am not signing up for a gym for just 2 months so I am looking more towards body weight workouts. I will need to get creative with it. So yeah some advice routine of weight free workouts will be helpful


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