Happy Valentines Day Mom

Without You

Without you there is no world
No double-knot shoelaces
No clip-on ties
No honey sandwiches
No answers to my whys.

Without you there is no world
No kissed scrapped knees
No just because hugs
No burnt pizzas
No questions of your love.

Happy Valentines Day mom, you are my one true love. I know you were too young to take me on, but thank you for everything, and giving all that you had. Thank you for not listening to your parents and aborting me. Thank you for not listening to your parents and giving me up for adoption. Thank you for having the courage to face the struggle. We did alright. With the wholeness of my heart I am forever yours.

Dear Grandparents,

You missed out motherfuckers.

48 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day Mom

      1. Yeah. I was like what the fuck, they got my girl in spam. but like the hero in this book, I un-spamed you. with unrelenting bravery, I clicked, not spam, then with my might, I clicked approve, then with the wisdom of the ancients, I replied, then..well, here we are…”the rest is still unwritten.”


      2. LOL! Are you drinking, honey?
        Thank you, kind sir, for rescuing me from spam. It was a brave and selfless act and I am forever in your debt.

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      3. Depends how many you’ve had. 😉
        A project, huh? I don’t think I believe that! Thanks for the room. If I fall asleep, am I gonna wake tied up? 😛

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      1. We’ve had a few of those, but, yes, I’d rather laugh than cry and my kids are pretty fun and funny, so that helps. I’d say I’m a cool mom, but my kids would be shaking their heads no, lol. They’re amazed I can handle blogging…


    1. Fuck them. They tried to convince my mother to abort me because they thought I would be an abomination coming from a black father and a white mother. Then even after birth they wanted to get rid of me. Not so much bitter anymore. More of an oh well, but when I get the chance to give a finger. I do it

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      1. Hmmmmmmm… racism eh. My husband’s grandfather was part black. When he met his to-be wife (grandmother), her dad was set against them marrying. Sooooo, one night he and his friends kidnapped her, they got married and hid out at his aunt’s place for a month. Then he took her back and her dad had to accept them together because they were already married. Of course, this was years ago and in North-east Brazil. Hahaha.


      2. The racist asses would have no parts of it. It also didn’t help that my so called father up and left, too. I can’t cry over all those things, I am just grateful I am here chatting it up with you.

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      3. That’s awesome, your attitude. Being grateful to be here; to be alive. Yea, racism is so ridiculous. As if one race is better than another. So stupid. Sorry about your dad. Mine didn’t leave, but we left him. He was an extreme alcoholic. Really messed me up. Oh well, like you I am sooooo grateful for my life and to be here and living the life I live. No licking past wounds, right. 🙂
        Have a great day.


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