Blog Promotion: Porter Girl

Personally I don’t go for a lot of verbose writing. I believe it comes across as over done or trying too hard. When I read such writing it comes across like Dubai—too much opulence. Or it comes across like a woman with excessive plastic surgery—too fake. Stephen King said, that if you have to search for a word in a thesaurus it is the wrong word. “There are no exceptions to this rule,” he continued.

I agree to a point. I believe that there are times when you are trying to set a tone, create a culture, that you must search or find the words that resonate the language of that culture. It is a difficult thing to do, even if you are a part of that culture.

I will like to introduce you to a blogger that does it very well. She conveys a culture of a world that she is in with precise language and tone. Even though I have never been in such a culture, the writer/blogger places me within the walls of Old College with ease.

We all read to experience different worlds, different style of living, different thoughts, different writing styles, different voices, etc. It is why we read, to experience something different, and when that different is done extremely well it is a gift that we must be grateful for.


Ladies and Gentlemen head on over to Porter Girl and experience a different world that is done exceptionally well.

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23 thoughts on “Blog Promotion: Porter Girl

      1. Lol. Since I am such a great dancer, I get my moves from cartoons and things like that. I like to shake it up on the dance floor or on top the bar. But you know what I never look at someone and say man they are a terrible dancer. I always say man that person is having a hell of a fun, let me go join them

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  1. Cheers to the Portergirl! 🙂 She is a fantastic writer indeed with a very fine sense of humor! Start reading her story from anywhere, it will still get you hooked and you will definitely end up with one or two lovely lines to muse about for many hours.:)

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