44 thoughts on “Answers to your prayers

      1. I suppose that’s the awesome thing about fantasies and day dreams. We don’t think about them in terms of consequence. It’s about the moment. It would make for some pretty amazing moments.

        Maybe some dark ones, too… Have you ever seen the anime Deathnote?


      2. I read a blog post this morning about struggle and hope, I will reblog it later if you want to check it out, but what I took away from it and linking it to this was that sometimes not getting what we want is a good thing because of the struggle, and what we learned from the journey

        Deathnote, is it a porno…

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      3. It could be a porno if snuff is your thing.

        It’s about a book that a kid finds. When he writes a name in the book that person dies. Having a God answer any prayer reminded me of that series. A lot of good could come from it, but a lot of bad as well. Too much power and all that jazz.

        I would be interested in the post. It seems to share my mentality.

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      1. Passion.. For me It is always changing with the moments of life.. Whatever is going on or whatever i decide to immerse myself in – I
        Am all in – 100%..
        I am most passionate about knowing one’s mind – how you think and why you think how you think.. Your thoughts intrigue me – good and bad – makes no difference – I love figuring out how people are wired.. humans are fascinating at all levels.. I
        Am a friend for life..
        And I love love.. If I love you –
        Well it is with an all Consuming take your breath away kind of love.. Mad wild love..
        Loving my people gives me the greatest high..
        and I love writing it all out 😊
        Gosh – now you’re making me really think about it.. I am thinking I am passionate about almost anything I care about..
        Haha! Sorry for the long answer 😅


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