Stabbed in the back


He deflected Cupid’s arrow with his shield of hurt.

Cupid cunning and wise flew in from behind. Cupid drew an arrow, took aim,

“Sometimes boy, the greatest love comes in from the blind.”

39 thoughts on “Stabbed in the back

      1. I was in this desert watering a stubborn flower. I thought of our love and a tear fell from my eyes. The flower caught it. Now I am in an oasis of love. Come be my Eve


      2. oh yes! I like it messy too. I will say, that the mess is not usually from that end of a man…(lol, that sounds like I make men shit their pants…)

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      3. What does that liger need? To be tamed? He’s kind of wild, right? Needs to be strapped down…shown who’s in charge…needs to be handled expertly?


      4. I’m gonna pet that liger until he’s docile, until he licks my face, and does whatever I tell him to. Gonna make him whimper.


      5. Maybe I will squeeze him a bit too hard, let him feel my nails. Make him roll to his back so I can stroke his tender belly.


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