Blog Promotion: Send Sunshine

You wake. Your pillows have designed your face with some crease tattoos. Your hair still in a dream battling Medusa. You are glad your eyes are opening to a new day, but secretly you say, “fuck, this shit again.” Rain pings on your window. Daggers foreshadowing the day ahead. You go fetal. You crawl back into the womb of your blanket. The tomb of your despair.

You reach out a hand. Searching from your tomb. Fingers stretching for a life line. You touch glass. A small slim box of hope. You pull it beneath the covers inside your cave of lethargy. You tap away at the glass screen. “This is bullshit. This is bullshit. This is bullshit.” Page after page you swipe from your screen. The rain taps away at your window. Daggers everywhere. Your tomb folding into nothingness.

Then, at last, sunshine. Your fingers in the beam of light you so desperately needed. Your eyes warming to the day. Your head emerges out of the dark. Resurrection. The daggers of rain begins to carve a rainbow outside your window. Rain drops with hope through indigo. You sit up and you read what plopped you up. Where out of the dark did this sun come from?

Ladies and gentlemen I will like to introduce you to Jessica Edouard, a blogger/writer that on a daily basis takes time out of her life to send you sunshine and goodness.


In a world with so much negative energy she says, her solution is to “send sunshine.”

Head on over and feel the nourishing warmth of her blog: Send Sunshine

We are all human; and there are days when we just feel like shit and just want to make the underneath of our blankets a home. But we can’t. We have shit to do. It is why I appreciate bloggers like Send Sunshine and other motivational/inspirational blogs that take time out of their day to lift people up. Please show her and other inspiration blog your appreciation.


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