Making Sense of Struggle

A fascinating post on hope and struggle.

a note: You do not have to be religious to follow Mark’s blog. His post are always interesting. Head on over to his spot, you will learn something.

Peace Hacks

I’ve always struggled with a passage in the Bible claiming that if I can manage to persevere through my various trials, I’ll find hope.  I’d love to have more hope, we all know it changes everything, but the following’s always been tough for me:

“…we also rejoice in our struggles, because we know that struggling produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope…” (St. Paul in his letter to the Roman Christians 5:3-4).

I know many people who have courageously persevered through trials and difficult times and yet aren’t people who you would classify as “filled with hope.”  I’ve also had a few occasions where I managed to hold fast and did what was right (although not as many as I would like).  While my times of “successful” struggling have paid certain dividends, hope is usually not one of them.  I typically find myself relieved but looking over my shoulder for…

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22 thoughts on “Making Sense of Struggle

  1. OMG, Ridge! I “liked” this essay, because it’s really good. I enjoyed it, but then I was like, oh crap! I hope he doesn’t look to see my blog! He will not like it! I am blaming you!!!

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      1. I told you I’m a good girl. Religion makes me feel guilty because I grew up with that guilt around my sexuality. I was so good other than that.


      2. I know. That’s why it was just a tiny freak out, lol. It’s hard to let go of the guilt but I have mostly done it. Mostly… 😄


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