New followers welcome to my blog

First let me say thank you for following. You’ve made a great choice.

Daily I will attempt to entertain you. I will try to make you laugh, think, or provoke you in some manner. I am not a writer, but what I give you is a wholehearted try. Most of what I write will come to you short and in few lines, mostly three. I believe three lines can explain most things. A beginning, a middle, and end. I don’t know about you, but I can’t perceive the fourth dimension, so three is just fine.

I am a devils advocate. I look at things from the underneath, from different seats in this arena of life. I like the broken pieces of life, I find the cracks in people beautiful. I find perfection to be a lie, an illusion.

My mouth is filthy. I will kiss you with a fuck, and exclaim my thought with a motherfucker. So if you are a prude, here may not be for you. I am unapologetic with what I say or write. If I am wrong though, I will plainly admit it. I am not ignorant one bit.

I may not always get to your blog, for that I apologize, I wish I could read every word you pen or type, but that is just not feasible. I have my own shit to do too. It is just life. When I do come across you, and you are doing something well, bleeding on the pages, motivating, inspiring, giving knowledge, I will do my best to promote your blog for others to see.

One of the greatest joy I get from blogging is the comments. I thoroughly enjoy chatting with other bloggers. So if you are new to this spot, don’t just sit there like a creep in the corner wanking it. Say, hello. I won’t bite. Unless of course you want me to. I am a flirt. It is just my nature. There is no harm in it, we are just talking. I value your input and whatever your opinions maybe. If you are a sexist racist fuck, we can’t hang though.

So welcome. Meet others. And share. Sharing actually is the most important part of blogging.

I am off to do some yoga now. There is a woman there whose ass could raise the dead.

Again thank you for following along on this plotless mess.


33 thoughts on “New followers welcome to my blog

  1. Well, motherfucker I guess I will be venturing in and you can bite me when I do!!! Good job on your expressions! Might not always get to you but I do make sure I pop in and check out your current stuff on a regular basis. But, your stuff comes to me via email too now so that is cool! (can you believe I cussed online?)

    Always a fan,


    Liked by 1 person

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