Some tips for the new blogger

Write it strong. When I say this it doesn’t mean you have to be a strong writer. I believe that will come in time. What I mean is let the strength of your personality show through your blog. Write the way you speak. I believe writing with your own voice comes across best, and gives your blog an authentic feel. Only divert from  your true voice when you are trying to set the mood or a tone of a post. i.e. a creative piece.

Leave your mark. Be a dog and take a piss on other blogs. Find about 25 blogs that you like, and you can keep up with. Follow them. You can mark them with a “like,” which is more like taking a little tinkle on their blog, or a comment, which is more like taking a dump. Be bold and take some dumps. Leave comments on the blogs that you are following. It will cause a chain reaction that will bring others to your blog to see your authentic personality.

A note for the side with leaving your mark: Don’t be an asshole. If you don’t like something, you don’t have to like it or comment with “this sucks.” You can say I don’t like this because of this and that. Give constructive criticism, bloggers appreciate that the most.

Follow blogs of writers. There are many. Choose the ones that fit your style of writing. I use those blogs as a way of improving my writing. I look at they way they convey information creatively through scenes and dialogues. So use other blogs to learn from and assist you with becoming a strong writer.

Share others work. You now have a platform that people will visit frequently. Use your platform to share other works you came across that your followers may not have read. The blogging world is vast and not everyone can get to all the posts out there. So do some reblogs, your readers along with the original blogger of the post will appreciate it. Sharing is caring, it may assist in the ‘tipping point’ of your blog.

Take it easy. Don’t write just to write and post. If you have nothing to write about or no ideas are flowing, take some time to read up on other blogs, or find some other blogs that may interest you. You will find how reading other blogs will give you great ideas for a post. You can even thank the blogger for the idea. But never throw something out there for the heck of it. Personally I hate reading something where a blogger is telling me “today my dog took a crap  in the backyard, and after I scooped it up, I went shopping for groceries: (Grocery List).”

Really motherfucker?

Most Importantly: Follow this blog. Why? Because everyone that follows it is a fucking BOSS.

*If you will like to add some tips to those new to blogging, please add in the comments. It will be appreciated.

Thank you.


47 thoughts on “Some tips for the new blogger

      1. You will just have to wait and see. Maybe someone will go and take a dump at your door. I know a lot of people click on your gravatar or whatever from here. I think they think we have something going on


      2. Hmm, I’ve never been excited for someone to shit on me before…not that kinky! 😛
        We do have something going on, don’t we, sugar? 😉 😀 Gonna get that liger!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. c’mon c’mon c’mon…but not here… This is such a nice post about being a good blogger. Maybe there should be another number- Don’t fuck on nice blog posts. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Was I really? Well, I feel honored. And it’s been my absolute pleasure. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year exactly in 2 days time. In some ways it feels like I started just yesterday, in others I feel like I’ve been writing much much longer. Glad we connected.

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  1. Plotless! I seem to be doing pretty much all of this – I am an epic student dont ya think? I think I have got the plot on this. You do really want to know how my imaginary dog took a dump on my nemesis flowers last week. Don’t you want to know that her dump took the form of a heart shape and the next door neighbour opened her doorpicked up the turd with her own hands and smeared in on my imaginary dog’s hiny fur coat- snuffles. Ungrateful bitch!


  2. Good morning (or evening for you) Ridge. This is great advice. A lot of the joy of blogging comes from interactions with people. I want to tall to y’all. Not just on my own blog but on everyone else’s too. I’ve made some amazing friends this way. Friends like you!

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