Yesterday I spent the day observing a flower.
The universe showed me:
That the thorn is not meant to protect
The flower from animals
Wanting to eat the rose,
as people may think.

Rather it serves as knowledge,

The sort of knowledge
A hot pot would give,
In a sense of speaking,
But not for certain in that sense.

The knowledge is of prospective:
That the rose is at its most gorgeous
At a certain distance.

The knowledge is of purpose:
That the bee must accomplish
A task, undisturbed.

The knowledge is of memory:
That when you smell, you do not touch.
The mind cannot remember a scent with a prick.

The knowledge is of beauty:
That the prettiest things will bite you,
And in the ultimate reckoning,

That is beautiful.

32 thoughts on “Thorns

      1. But you grew, like we all do. Now you are this man who brings people together and spreads joy.
        I gtg, have a wonderful evening, honey. You are sweet, imma call you honey. 😀


    1. Thank you Lennon. In that moment with the flower I imagined you. The prick from the thorn was when you kicked me in the balls. I must have said something fresh. You never remember when you are kicked in the sack, and what for.

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