Two people to keep out your life; and two to keep in.

In your brief history in this life you will come across many types of people. Ultimately the choice is yours on who you make a part of your life. Some people will utterly waste your time, and some will enrich your life–make you full to bursting. That is how you want your heart–full to bursting.

The Fool. The fool is an easy person to spot. The fool is not an ignorant being. Ignorance is a form of innocence; and truthfully innocence is your center and what you should always try to get back to. Center.

In conversation you will come across a person that is overtly chatty, and refuses to listen. This person is full of advice, of opinions, that is truth.

Whether I approach a person in conversation or not, my intent is to listen to what they have to say. I know what my thoughts are, what my truths are, what my convictions are, I want to know what someone else are. I can only know that by listening to what they are saying. So I listen. I don’t interrupt. Normally I find that the very thought or interjection that I was going to make is answered once the speaker has elaborated or finish what they are trying to convey. At the end of it all, I will either say I agree (if I agree) or ask questions about points I need further clarification on. In agreement I will either add more to bolster the point, or I will leave it as is.

In disagreement I will plainly say, I disagree and give my reasons for. A fool will never let you give your reasons. All they hear is “I disagree.” And from there forth the rest of the conversation is them interrupting and injecting the same thoughts over and over to further stand up their point, their Straw Man. It makes no sense to continue having a conversation with this person. It is a waste of time. You will find that when you call them out on the matter, saying, “look! It is clear all you want me to do is agree with your opinion,” they will run. Truth does not run. Truth stands on its own, and takes on the greatest storm.

Keep these sorts of fools out of your life. They will waste the precious time you have on this earth.

The Brave. Osho said, “brave people are nothing but cowards upside down…look at your brave people: you will find that deep inside they are afraid, they have just created an armor around them. Bravery is not fearlessness; it is fear well protected, well defended, armored.” [Osho (1999). Courage:The joy of living dangerously. New York, N.Y: St. Martin Press]. This is truth. Upon interacting with such people you will find them always leaving you hanging out to dry when the vice is being cranked. They are nowhere to be found. They will get you (if you allow them) into messes and disappear when it is time to answer.

Osho continues, stating that there is a vast difference between the brave and the fearless. “And a fearless person is one who never creates fear in anybody and who never allows anybody to create fear in him.” The coward upside down is that person that is always quick to fight, using false bravado and posturing to intimidate. The moment you stand your ground to this type of person, they shrink. Fearlessness never shrinks.

Keep these so-called brave posers out of your life. All they will bring to your existence is trouble that you do not need.

Then there are those that enriches your life, teaches you lessons that makes your heart and life fuller:

The silent. The silent person is not a shy person. They are a contented person. A silent person does not give advice with words. A silent person gives advice with action. Opposite of the so-call brave, the silent person has strength in mystery. There is an adage: The loudest one in the room (the brave) is the weakest one in the room. Conversely, the silent one, is the strongest. The silent one observes, and soaks in what life is throwing at them. They don’t speak, they act.

You see these people all the time. They are quiet, reserve. You yourself shy away from them because you believe them to be shy and insecure. Sometimes that is the case, but most of the time they are so secure there is no need for them to prove their confidence. If you will notice, contentment is silent. A person secure and satisfy in their life does not, and never pose for the world. They are not on social media posing a facade of a happy life, happy family. Usually those posers are the most miserable people around. The silent does not need to propagate like that, the silent spreads his/her happiness with genuine action.

Keep these sort of people in your life, silent doers. They observe life. They understand that you cannot hear if you are talking all the time. Most importantly, they show you their knowledge, they don’t tell you.

The ignorant. All ignorant means is lack of knowing, lack of knowledge. You break it down to it’s finite stage, it means innocent. Innocence is pure. Purity has no knowledge. The innocent one seeks knowledge, grabs at it. Grabs at life. The ignorant person is but a person that allow the child in them to explore and enjoy what life is throwing at them.

I will tell you a story. When I was in college we had study groups–as they do now I suppose. You wanted the smartest, most responsible people in your group because obviously you thought they will aid your understanding of the subjects better.. One day early we started off studying, discussing/sharing, what each person had read. We were starving for caffeine, and a now great friend of mine said she will go get coffee. We waited hours for her, not just for the caffeine, but also for her to share/discuss her part of what she had read.

She showed up hours later. When we asked, what fuck took so long?  She said they were giving free samples of fruits at the farmers markets. She had done things like that before, and the rest of the group wanted her gone. They thought she was a ditsy blonde hippie anyway. They asked me to give her the news. Later that week I caught up with her and said, “the rest of the group thinks you are irresponsible, and they want you out of the group.” I followed with, “I mean the fruit couldn’t wait?”

What she told me was the most profound thing I had heard at that time. She said, “My only responsibility is to my heart. I must feed my heart what life throws at it. Who is going to do that? Them? You? How can you? I am the only one that truly knows my heart. Those fruit will never be like that again.”

“The man never steps in the same river twice sort of thing.” I said.


We both left the group.

The rest of the people in the group were salt in the ocean, sand on the beach, a dime a dozen–receptacles that regurgitate. They had no understanding of living in the moment. Or what it was. She was rare. She fed herself with life. Moments after moments she jumped in them, and ate them from the inside.

The ignorant, the innocent, treat life like this, they allow the child in them to precede them. These are the most important people you want in your life. They will fill your heart  to bursting, sometimes you will burst because you are filled fat with so much joy from moments. They never ask you to compromise who you are. They understand that compromise is really a fallacy. A word use to manipulate. They will never ask you to bargain your center. They want to meet your inner most being, and nourish your core.

Hold on to these individuals as if they are the most precious things on this earth. Because they are.

45 thoughts on “Two people to keep out your life; and two to keep in.

      1. Ah, sun. I want somma that! It rained all day here. I’m doing ok, though. I had a shitty day yesterday but I feel better today so that’s good. I hope you have a cool drink there in the shade. 🙂

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      2. lol. Can better proceed sexy. No. You can be sexy better, not better sexy. My warped mind I guess. You a Whiskey Girl. I am more the light choice drinker. Every now and them I will rape a bottle of scotch, but “ack,” the next day.


      3. I like most things but drink beer most of all- and I like anything that isn’t too bitter, preferably something dark. I was always a tequila girl, having grown up in the southwest, but I have found a like for bourbon now. Scotch, no. I don’t like the way it tastes like medicine. Booker’s will knock you the fuck out. It’s like 60% alcohol. That’s a no no.
        I like sexy better because when I’m not good, I don’t feel sexy. When I start to feel better, back come the sexy thoughts.

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      4. I don’t think there is a southwest accent. Yes, and I shoot it straight. No wussy lime or salt. LOL. I pretty much always take it easy, though. I am aware of the legacy of addiction in my family line so I make it a point to.

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  1. Great post Ridge, very profound. Most of my life I’ve hung out with quiet ones, people secure and at peace with themselves, (except for a few wild sorts when I was younger!)


    1. I am neither, I am not a fool, I am not brave. At times I am silent, but I am not fearless. I have fears, I am afraid at times, but I try to rid myself of the fear. I try to love.

      Sometimes life is going so fast, I can’t keep up with the moments, but I know that is not true, I make it fast.

      overall, I am me: A person striving and learning. I love.

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  2. What a fantastic post! I love your description of these four people, I could so clearly see the logic & the truth behind your words. The silent & the fool are two such people I believe I’ve encountered most often. Thanks for such an interesting & insightful post.

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  3. I love silent people. Those are the people that observe and have the most to say. I’ll admit I feel like a hybrid of some of these. I can be a quiet person but in general that is not me. My sister is a quiet person, very quiet, and one of the most honest and smartest people I know. i enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing. :]

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